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If Only I Jacqueline Garlick

If Only I Had...
by Jacqueline Garlick

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: April 6, 2014
Publisher: Jacqueline Garlick
ISBN-13: 2940151685474
Genre: NA Romance | Older YA
Print Length: 150 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Decisions frame our lives.
Some decisions change our lives forever.

Enter the world of Denver and Kyla...

A barn party gone wrong.
A night to remember, shattered.
An argument,
The wrong decision.
Meant-to-be lovers torn apart.
If Only
I had....

Part one of a powerful new contemporary mystery saga, with the passion of GHOST.

(Warning: Contains Mature YA content and language, not suitable for younger readers.)  

 If Only I Jacqueline Garlick

Welcome to some dark moments in the lives of teens, moments that should have been fun, carefree, and light-hearted. Instead, these moments are filled with bad decisions, hormones running amok and an unsupervised teen bash to end all bashes. Find proof positive that alcohol and teens do not mix and some teens need to learn the value of themselves as humans, not playthings and not manipulating those around them. If Only I Had… by Jacqueline Garlick is filled with all that can go wrong when teens are not mentally or emotionally mature enough to act like what they consider to be adult actions.

Kyla loves Denver, Denver loves Kyla, but Kyla has pictured the school tramp offering herself up to Denver in her mind and she thinks there is only one way to prevent that, give him what he wants, her body. Can she do it, even under the influence of too much alcohol or will she back down, sure that she will lose him to another? Can Denver resist the blatant offering up of young large breasts and body of a master manipulator, out to add another notch to her belt? Although fiction, some major real life drama and traumas are going on here and surely it can only end badly.

Jacqueline Garlick has done a marvelous job of ramping up the angst, the actions and reactions of teen out of control. Her characters’ mental dialogue shows all of the insecurity of a teen in love, the mental battles with self-control, weak justifications and the torment of bad decisions, no different than those presented on an “adult’ soap opera. She writes well, telling a tale that feels real and puts her readers in the moment, the wet grass, the mass of cars, the bullying that becomes alcohol enhanced, and don’t forget the vomiting, always a sure sign of a great party. For those of us that “may” have attended something like this in our youth and survived, unscathed, it’s a flashback to another time. For teens, it could read as a warning, as well as a young love story gone wrong, thanks to the peer pressure. Definitely recommended reading for older teens on up, younger teens at parental discretion.

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