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Just One Friend by June Shaw, Brooke Naquin, Caroline Naquin

Just One Friend
by June Shaw

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: March 6, 2015
Publisher: Mossy Cypress | June Shaw
ISBN-13: 2940046324006
Genre: YA Dystopian Fantasy
Print Length: 209 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
After warfare destroyed most of the country, only one area remains where people can survive. Because of limited food and space, the leaders decreed that each person is allowed to have only one friend.

A teenage girl believes things should be otherwise.

Sixteen-year-old Alabama Long keeps her head high, even with the heavy metal ball the Guards chained to her back. She feels the eyes of Tellers on her as she’s led down the dirt road to the old stadium, where a scanner checks the device implanted in her heel and wants the name of her friend. Her grandmother who’s raised her is the only person she can speak to freely while inside their dwelling, but why not one or more of those other teen girls she performs with? Or the Teller boy who watches her with a different kind of interest? Soon she’s thrust into realizing that the scruffy mutt who tries to jump hurdles with her will become the catalyst to send her and her friend to discover a better place—or their cruel deaths.  

 Just One Friend by June Shaw, Brooke Naquin, Caroline Naquin

Just One FriendIf you were told you could have only one friend, who would you choose in a bleak and dystopian world where those in power use the youth of the population as entertainment and the rest as servants or more realistically, slaves. This is sixteen-year-old Alabama’s world. She is an athlete, a puppet to amuse the wealthy wives and failure to win her competitions could mean death. There are those who will report any infractions, any fraternization with others, as well as implanted chips to follow the movements of the people. The most powerful emotions felt by the masses are fear and distrust, of anyone, except their one friend. But this wrong, and Alabama feels it deep in her soul, but how can one girl bring about change? One wrong word, one emotion and she could be sent to prison or worse.
Are there others who feels as she does? What lies beyond the walls of their land? Is it possible to escape, survive and flourish in the unknown? Follow one girl, her ailing grandmother and a crazy little dog as they search for a better life where people can live together is peace with hope and above all, friendship.

Just One Friend is a brilliant gem in the world of writing! Written by June Shaw, Brooke Naquin and Caroline Naquin, these authors take a look a world gone wrong and the personal pain it brings, along with the strength of one individual who has made it her mission to make change. They have given Alabama strength of character, conviction and the desperation to save those she loves regardless of the cost to herself. The quiet strength of her grandmother pushes Alabama when she is on her last leg. Together they have a wonderful relationship that breathes so much life into a world where a young girl, feeling the first stirrings of her hormones, lost in an unforgiving world must learn to take a leap of faith and trust in herself and those who were once her enemies.

This is magnetic reading that will pierce your heart and leave you unsettled long after that last page. Filled with the surety of youthful determination, action and overwhelming odds, I could not put this down until I knew what happened! This writing team, a grandmother and two of her teen granddaughters is a wonderful way to spend your escape hours, highly recommended for teens, as well as adults!

I received this copy from June Shaw in exchange for my honest review.

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