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Loaner Lovers by N.C. Simmons (The Chronicles of Staffordsire, #3)

Loaner Lovers
by N.C. Simmons

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Chronicles of Staffordshire - Book 3
Publication Date: December 9, 2013 - Revised July, 2015
Publisher: N.C. Simmons
Genre: Erotic romance
Print Length: 447 pages
Available from: Amazon
It’s feeding time at Sardi/St. Cloud and the Mistress’s libido is positively famished! She hasn't corrupted anyone in months and her circle of lovers isn't big enough to satisfy her glutenous appetite.

But wait! The Mistress has just the pair! The lanky neurosurgeon with the unrequited, college-years crush on The Master and the surgeon’s husband who fantasizes about bedding the former supermodel. Yes, they will do nicely! After all, there’s nothing like a nice, intimate orgy between friends to strengthen one’s marriage.

Dangerous secrets abound among the inner circle at the estate. Things have become so bad, the estate’s slutty Upstairs Maid/Therapist has called a mandatory, weekend-long, emergency intervention. It seems someone had an “oopsie” with The Mistress during dungeon playtime, one of the Paulson sisters tried to steal The Master from his Mistress, and another beloved servant has considered dispatching herself from this life.

Also in “Loaner Lovers”…

In the wake of a tragic passing, the Family St. Cloud will take a camping trip to the wilds of New York and learn the power of divine forgiveness.

The Mistress Mommy will share words of wisdom with her beautiful little girl, sobriquets that will come back to haunt everyone at the estate for years to come.

Yet another tragedy will befall the St. Cloud’s and a mystical near-death ride in the countryside will leave the Mistress wishing she had freshened the dungeon decor sooner.

The Mistress will scheme yet again, altering love’s natural course and brokering a premature union that will curse everyone at the estate.

And... As always... The Mistress’s Guardian Girl will bear the greatest burden of all, sheltering her lover’s messy secrets and then picking up the pieces of her failed, duplicitous schemes.

The weird, wonderful world of Staffordshire lives on!
 Loaner Lovers by N.C. Simmons

Loaner Lovers (The Chronicles of Staffordshire #3)There’s unrest and change coming to the Staffordshire Estate, can it survive intact? Lenore’s appetites for new experiences, more spice and variety are becoming more daring, more risky and who else but Lena would stand by her, no matter what? Lenore has always been a voracious lover, wild, crazy and a true free-spirit, but has she gone too far this time? With Lena as her accomplice, they will either bring a new couple to their group or lose a valuable friendship.

There have been so many changes, losses, heartbreaks and even deep emotional bonds are uncovered, is someone trying to steal the Master from the Mistress? Are rules being broken? Ahh, but the Mistress sees all and she has devised a plan of her own to help heal the broken hearts that are coming. Did she plan for the future of her precious daughter also, or will the wisdom of an old friend’s warning be too little, too late?

Loaner Lovers by N.C. Simmons is pure romantic and erotic bliss, as she weaves an often heartbreaking tale into the lives and lusts of her characters. Never one to be maudlin, N.C. Simmons unleashes another string of steamy-hot sensual scenes that, while descriptive contain the emotional overflow from her characters. And yes, if you are looking for fifty ways to identify each body part, I think you will find them here! There is a bond between the main characters that transcends friendship or love, and run straight to soul mates, connected by their hearts and over-active libidos as one lover seeks to bring two of her best friends and lovers together when they will need each other most. What she did not foresee was the rebellious manipulations of a teen in pain and the havoc it can raise.

Have you ever connected far beyond the surface of a character? Have you ever overlooked their unique lifestyle into the people they are? Lenore and Lena are more than sexual ninjas, with a relationship few will ever know. When they hurt, I hurt, and yes, I was devastated at one point, in denial, really, especially knowing that all could not possibly end as intended, or can it? Grab your tissues, your curiosity and your desire to be enlightened to another lifestyle, as this series becomes more personal, more intense and, just MORE...N.C. Simmons, you put more than just a great tale into this one and it shows!

I received this copy from N.C. Simmons in exchange for my honest review.

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