Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lost Girls: Twisted Tales & Poems by Jackson Dean Chase (Young Adult Horror, #5)

Lost Girls: Twisted Tales & Poems
by Jackson Dean Chase

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Young Adult Horror - Book 5
Publication Date: April 28, 2015
Publisher: Jackson Dean Chase, Inc.
ISBN-13: 9781511932066
Genre: YA Horror
Print Length: 162 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Girls who meet monsters, and girls who become them!
Loss. Pain. Horror. The agony of not just being a teenager, not just a girl, but an outcast. Alone. Despised. Who wouldn't wish for escape or revenge?
If you have a taste for horror, this collection of twisted tales will satisfy your creepy craving for Witches, Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies and more...
    STITCHED TOGETHER: Nobody loves science nerd Shelly except the mysterious new boy... The one who won't take off his shirt.
    ONE OF THOSE GIRLS: What happens to a Twilight fan who finds out vampires are real? Hint: It ain't sparkly.
    THE LAST, WET SHOVELFUL OF EARTH: All the mean girls are dead except one! Will she make it out of town alive?
    TWO GIRLS, A GUY, AND THE END OF THE WORLD: Just because the zombies are coming doesn't mean it's too late to party!
    THE NIGHT THE MACHINES CAME: When killer robots take over the world, they hunt the last remaining girl and her family.
    THE LUCKY ONES: How far will a father go to protect his daughter during the apocalypse?
    THE WEREWOLF WANTS ME: Is Felicia's new boyfriend a werewolf?
    FREE SPIRIT: Dumped and despised, a desperate girl decides to get revenge through witchcraft!
Plus enjoy morbid poems...

Don't dare read this book alone...

Lost Girls: Twisted Tales & Poems by Jackson Dean Chase

Lost Girls: Twisted Tales & Poems (Young Adult Horror, #5)Horror has many faces, this collection of short horror tales have the faces of teen girls, not the most popular or the prettiest, but the outcasts, the girls who are fodder for cruel comments and evil pranks. One would think their lives are horrible enough, but apparently Lost Girls: Twisted Tales & Poems by Jackson Dean Chase is here to give them the ultimate horror, or maybe the ultimate revenge.

Imagine being the butt of jokes, a little overweight, an outcast and then meeting the “new” boy, who is handsome, quiet and has become a friend? One cruel trick too many and the total humiliation is complete, leaving only death to end the pain, so why not take the nasty tormentors with you? What if you only partially succeeded? What would you wake to?

We have all been told to NEVER PICK UP STRANGERS. Student driving 101. What happens when you ignore that rule?

Can anyone learn witchcraft? Maybe with enough churning anger, it just might work!

What about survival after the great apocalypse? How far would you go to survive? How far would a father go to help his teenaged daughter survive?

Jackson Dean Chase knows how to turn seemingly “normal” plots into ones of twisted horror, bleak nightmares, and well, instead of creating a happy ever after, he creates haunting endings where darkness prevails and the reader is left with their imagination running amok, wallowing in the twisted what-ifs for the future of these characters. After you read each tale, ask yourself, was justice served? If you answer in the positive to even one tale, then Jackson Dean Chase has done his job, opening your mind to the dark side. (cue organ music, fog)

Not only is Jackson Dean Chase a master of twisted tales, but his poetry, while dark is actually quite good, much like a teen girl would write, hearts on a sleeve, filled with angst and fantasy. Perhaps Mr. Chase’s poetry should be part of the classroom curriculum? It certainly would be something students could relate to!

I received this copy from Jackson Dean Chase in exchange for my honest review.


  1. One of my favorite authors! Will definitely be checking this one out :)

    1. Hi Claudette! I never knew I had such a dark and twisted side...imagine, all those years I never knew I could be one of those "things" that go bump in the night!