Sunday, July 12, 2015

Seeking Redemption by J. M. Maurer (Emerging From Darkness Book 2)

Seeking Redemption
by J.M. Maurer

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Emerging From the Darkness - Book 2
Publication Date: May 2, 2015
Publisher: J. M. Maurer
ISBN-13: 2940151841733
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 416 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

After surviving a bitter divorce and emerging from a darkness that became all too familiar, Jessica finds herself on top of the world, her soulful awakening allowing her to feel again, trust again, and even love again. Her painful past, however, is relentless, both physically and emotionally, bombarding her daily and not allowing her to overcome the lingering demons that ultimately control her life.

As Matthew lovingly guides her toward a healthy future, his own secrets become known, threatening to destroy the trusting relationship that had quickly grown between them. But despite what life throws her way, Jessica pledges to put the past in the past, accepting that events are often out of her control. She fights for a future with the man who drew her out of the darkness, steering her onto a healing path . . . seeking redemption.

Seeking Redemption by J. M. Maurer

Seeking Redemption (Emerging From Darkness Book 2)Is it possible to heal from pain with love? Matthew has made it his mission to bring the woman he loves to emotional health, any way he can and it’s working. Jessica now looks forward to each day, made special by learning to trust again, to love again and to take each day as it comes. There are still bad days of gloom and her past still creeps up to haunt her, even the villains from her past, but Jessica is coping, a huge step for her. Will demons from Matthew’s past tumble her delicate house of cards or will she continue to push the past back where it belongs, even his?

Get ready for sigh-worthy romance, two people, coming through the worst of the storm and surviving, thriving and growing closer every single day. Seeking Redemption by J. M. Maurer will make a romantic out of even the most cynical among us. Each scene, including Jessica’s bad day and her fight to overcome them are so well-written and feel so real, you’ll be hard-pressed to put this tale of romance down and return to reality.

Once again, J. M. Maurer brings her characters to life and covers each page with a testimony to the power of true love, but is the world finished with Matthew and Jessica? Can their love survive another vicious mind out to hurt them? Will their love be tested and survive even stronger? More brightness, more happiness and more love, written as only J. M. Maurer can do!

I received this copy from J. M. Maurer in exchange for my honest review.


  1. It certainly was my mission, Ms. Dii, and still is. Emotional well-being can be a struggle for even the strongest of individuals, especially those living within that delicate house-of-cards you speak of. Thankfully, I'm happy to report that Jess is doing very well. She's helped me finish remodeling the penthouse, has all but left the neuro ICU, and took us on the most amazing . . . wait, I don't think I'm supposed to be telling you this. Oh, boy. I will surely be hearing about this from Ms. Maurer.

    Forgive me, but I must stop now and thank you for reading our story. Thank you!
    Until next time, wishing you good health, happiness, and love. ~Matthew

    1. Forgive me for completely swooning here! Thank Ms. Maurer for dreaming you up!

    2. My pleasure, Dii.
      [looking around in every direction, shouts] "Matthew Moi!"