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Sing A Song of the Stars by Sandy James, Rinelle Grey, Shelley Munro, Rachel Leigh Smith, Greta van der Rol, Aurora Springer, Laurie A. Green, C.E. Kilgore

Sing A Song of the Stars
by Sandy James & MORE

My rating: 5 stars

Publication date: April 7, 2015
Published by: James Gang Publishing
ISBN-13: 2940046286991
Genre: Sci-fi | Fantasy | Collection
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

A collection of eight sci-fi romance novels and novellas. Spanning the universe, from futuristic Earth to unique alien worlds, these stories combine the realms of science fiction with heartfelt romance and tantalizing sizzle. Adventure, mystery, space exploration, technology, betrayal, and love, these eight stories sing the songs of the stars—igniting the imagination, arousing the spirit, and uplifting the heart.

Farewell Andromeda by Laurie A. Green
The last thing deep space pilot Tiharra Bell needs is another romantic entanglement, and certainly not with the galaxy’s most famous astronomer. But she's about to be fooled.

Reckless Rescue by Rinelle Grey
He crash-landed on her planet. Can they survive the winter together without falling in love?

The Seeker by Sandy James
The Vymains have conquered Earth but Kara Michaels refuses to surrender. When Aiodhan Riel is sent to assassinate the Vymain leader, he crash lands. Will he carry out his mission or fall for the rebellious Kara?

Unbound Instinct by C.E. Kilgore
Vex is unique among his kind. Cris is the last of hers. Freed from slavery, they seek an acceptance of themselves and an understanding of each other.

Alien Encounter: Janaya by Shelley Munro
Janaya is stuck on Earth. And because she neglected to have her travel inoculations in her hurry to protect her aunt from Torgons, she has bonded with an Earthman.

A Matter Of Trust by Greta van der Rol
Surrounded by enemies, it seems the only man prepared to help Princess Amira is the Demon Admiral. But can she trust him?

My Name Is A’yen by Rachel Leigh Smith
A'yen Mesu, a Loks Mé slave, doesn't believe his homeworld exists. Dr. Farran Hart does. When she finds it, he'll do anything to protect her. Even if it costs him his heart.

Captured By The Hawk by Aurora Springer
A Space Operetta: Kat steals codes from the Emperor’s Revenge. Captain Black Hawk hides his face under a mask. Will he win her heart before she uncovers his tragic secret?

Sing A Song of the Stars
by Sandy James,  Rinelle Grey, Shelley Munro, Rachel Leigh Smith, Greta van der Rol, Aurora Springer, Laurie A. Green, C.E. Kilgore
Sing A Song of the StarsFace it, romance is universal, Intergalactic, it can happen to anyone at any time. Sing a Song of the Stars is a collection of eight science fiction romances, some short and sweet, some a little longer, but just as romantic, just as full of adventure, the mysteries of space travel and the intrigue of two hearts finding each other through it all.
From space pilots to astronomers, futures are written in the stars. From alien assassins to rebellious Earthlings, two hearts will crash into each other. Do aliens need an inoculation against falling for an Earthling?

Each tale is filled with wonderful details, and often prove that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no matter where one comes from. This group of authors have put together the perfect selections of romantic sci-fi that can be read one at a time, or all at once! Creative, intriguing, dangerous and requiring supreme leaps of faith, one tale may be complete in itself or it may be a prequel for more to come! Does this mean Cupid just may be an alien visiting Earth? The little rascal seems to get around!

I have my favorites, but each tale is well-written, with characters that come to life in the mind and situations that will often keep you on the edge of seat. Highly recommended, easily read in bits and bites! Join the countdown to love, we have liftoff in 3...2...

I received this copy in exchange for my honest review.

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