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Smash Into You by Sherry Soule (Sorority Row #1)

Smash Into You
by Sherry Soule

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Sorority Row - Book 1
Publication Date: June 7, 2015
Publisher: Disenchanted Publishing
ISBN: 1512348031
Genre: N/A Romance, Intrigue
Print Length: 331 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble 

Bad-Boys and Dark Secrets Are Tough To Keep

Serena DuPont isn’t interested in falling in love again. Been there, done that, and she has the pulverized heart to prove it. Leaving behind those sucky romantic choices, she transfers to a new college her sophomore year. All Serena wants to do is pledge a sorority, stay focused on her classes, and swear off sexy players.

Tell that to Cole Prescott, the incredibly gorgeous complication that threatens to crush her newfound resolve. Keeping him in the “friend zone” won’t be easy, especially when the sizzling chemistry between them is so damn combustible. But that’s not Serena’s biggest problem...

While pledging Zeta Beta, her life gets flipped horribly upside down by a series of ominous threats, nasty rumors, and even blackmail. And the only place she finds comfort is in the arms of the off-limits frat boy she should be avoiding.

Unless Serena can prove her innocence to the ultra-saucy sorority that’s accused her of being involved in a lewd sex scandal, Serena is at risk of losing the future she’s fought so hard to rebuild. Resigned to the fate of the Greek gods, Serena might not be able to lie her way out of this epic disaster.

 Smash Into You by Sherry Soule

Smash Into You (Sorority Row #1)College, wasn’t it supposed to be our debut into adulthood? Remember the fraternities and the sororities? Did you pledge, did you want to? Did the idea of being a cloned cog in little private groups appeal? For Serena, her past has dictated her present and her present will determine her future. She MUST get into her late mother’s sorority, and then Daddy will send her to Europe for intense art studies. Serena’s past is dark, painful and she will do anything for others not to find about her breakdown. Sadly, so would her father, for totally different reasons.

When Serena’s parole period for pledging interferes with how she feels about one young man who is off limits, she allows her personal self-interest to outweigh her heart, while becoming a sheep in a pack of wolves. What happens when the wolves attack her? Will Serena learn to stand up and finally act like the adult she thinks she is? Can she convince Cole she made a very, very bad mistake or is she too shallow to even care in the long run?

Sherry Soule’s Smash Into You has obviously pulled me in, hook, line and sinker, as the lines between fact and fiction became too blurry for me to remember this is “pretend.” This is brilliant writing and world-building that hits the Triple Crown of novels with dialogue that resonates as real! When a troubled girl gets a condensed crash course on being honest, trusting the right people and the mysteries of the heart, emotions are going to boil over. With a few clever twists, Ms. Soule has built a fascinating mystery into her read that makes walking down a dark alley in a high crime area seem tame compared to life on campus. Her writing is filled with tension, emotionally draining at times and still, the warmth of young romance shines through.

I received this copy of Smash Into You from Sherry Soule in exchange for my honest review.

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