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Songs Within Stone: The Master Mason by Lori J. Fitzgerald (Wood & Stone Book 2)

Songs Within Stone
by Lori J. Fitzgerald

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Wood & Stone - Book 2
Publication Date: June 28, 2015
Publisher: White Raven Writing
Genre: Mythology | Fantasy
Print Length: 48 pages
Available from: Amazon
"He carved and sobbed and bled. He breathed stardust from the singing stone."

The stones sing to William, filling his blood with music, compelling him to bring forth the magic in their timeless depths. But an appalling betrayal leaves the apprentice mason with terrible scars on his hands and a heart as hard as the stone creatures he carves. Banished from the cathedral guild, he is sent away in disgrace to work under another Master Mason, in service to the lord of a faraway town.

But things are not quite what they seem to be, here in the town at the forest's edge...not the manor's statuary nor the ancient apple tree. And certainly not the Lord and Lady of Tylwyth Manor. What secrets do these hunters hold behind their strange eyes?

Within the stone walls of manor and town, Will's heart must be healed for him to understand and control his developing power. And when a dire threat emerges from the forest to wreak havoc on the town, can Will use that power to save all that loves from destruction?

Songs Within Stone is Part Two of Wood & Stone, a series of connecting tales of folkloric transformation, startling self-discovery, and love as timeless as a sarsen stone, told in medieval and modern settings.  

Songs Within Stone: The Master Mason by Lori J. Fitzgerald

Songs Within Stone (Wood & Stone Part Two)There is beauty and magic in the hands of an artisan, no matter what they create. William, a mason’s apprentice hears the beauty of the songs that stones sing to his heart as he brings raw stone to life with his carving. One brutal incident leaves William’s kind heart hardened and bitter, and in search of another Master Mason to train under. Was this punishment or did fate guide him to the place where he could make peace with his demons while finding his true calling and a place to call home?

Once again, Lori J. Fitzgerald had me entranced by her almost poetic style of writing! Songs Within Stone is a quick read that captures the feel of long ago times, the magic of friendships and believing in oneself to do the right thing. Ms. Fitzgerald has woven another tale filled with characters from mythology, some beasts and some fae and created a tapestry rich with character, color and atmosphere as one apprentice finally finds his very soul singing to him as clearly as the stones he brings to life. Feel the magic of fantasy, watch each scene play out and escape into a world meant to be found by all of us who believe in the magic of the written words within books. With a gentle pace, moments of awe and even sadness and joy, Lori J. Fitzgerald’s world is spellbinding to behold with her rich words and obvious love for her characters and her work.

I received this copy from Lori J. Fitzgerald in exchange for my honest review.

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