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The Council by Phillip M. Giroux (The Journey, Book One)

The Council
The Journey: Book One
by Phillip M Giroux

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Journey - Book 1
Publication Date: August 18, 2015
Publisher: Propel (Pulse)
Genre: Scifi | Adventure/Romance
Print Length: 368 pages
Available from: Amazon
Six hundred years after the Earth was rendered uninhabitable, the human race lives on, scattered among hundreds of space stations and outposts throughout the solar system. All of humanity lives under the brutally tight fisted and tyrannical rule of The Council and its long line of High Councilors. Enter Karin, the beautiful, strong willed, and very serious second in command of the mysterious pirate star-craft, The Journey. Knowing nothing of the ancient ship's history or purpose, Karin's life is all about training, raiding Council ships, and more training. That is until Karin discovers Grant, a handsome and secretive young man who was left for dead by the Council, stranded at the rim of the solar system. This fateful encounter throws Karin headlong onto a deadly collision course with the Council and its High Councilor. Even as Karin uncovers the secrets of The Journey and her own past, she must confront the frightening new feelings that Grant has stirred inside her heart. She will battle not only The Council, but also deadly threats from within her own crew. In the end, Karin and The Journey may hold the key to leading humanity to a new home and freedom from the Council. However, the power mad High Councilor Ashton will stop at nothing to destroy The Journey, and keep its secret hidden forever.

The Council by Phillip M. Giroux The Journey: Book One

Humans have finally done it. Earth has become uninhabitable and ships were sent years ago to find a new planet. Meanwhile, survivors have taken to the stars, living in mammoth ships, all led by The Council (cue the music of the maniacs). Rebels and pirates traverse the galaxies in search of freedom, plunder and taking a bite out of the gridlock of power the Council imposes. One former Council member has an axe to grind and hope for the future of free humans. Armed with knowledge few have, this captain has a plan that can finally come to fruition when a lone capsule is found floating in space. Inside is a body, of an attractive young man, dead. But when the captain’s daughter, Karin retrieves his floating coffin, a miracle occurs and Grant revives, with few memories, at least that he will share. Could he be the final key to long lost technology and scientific advances? Is it possible he is more powerful than a speeding bullet, able to leap spaceships in a single bound? Could this man who seems ‘lost in space” be the secret weapon to take down The Council and its power hungry leader? If what he is doing to the normally distant Karin’s heart, mind and body is any indication, Grant is a confusing, nerve-grating guy with many secrets he is not ready to share with his new captors.

You don’t even need to be a Trekkie to get lost in this amazing tale by Phillip Giroux. The Council the first book in the Journey series is science fiction adventure at its best! No wild aliens, just humans fighting to survive in the future with the help of massive spacecraft, pillaging and black market dealing. One group is determined to bring the Council down and create an existence where humans can thrive, free to love, live and work in peace. Heroes may die so others can live. Deceit and traitors live side by side with loyal crew members, fierce warriors and the determination to win. You want breath taking battles that keep you on the edge of your seat? Want to delve into the minds of each character? Ever thought of what floating in a spacesuit might feel like? Like your heroines with grit and your heroes with honor? Thank Phillip Giroux for giving his readers all of that and more with a brilliant plot, amazing scenes and nail biting action. Just for kicks, there is a little budding romance that seems to be thwarted by interruptions, Every. Single. Time. Cue, the laugh track for those scenes! New to Scifi? This is a gentle place to land and find a new genre to add to your favorites! Mark your calendars for this release!

I received an ARC edition from Phillip Giroux in exchange for my honest review.

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