Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Lessons by Elizabeth Brown (Forbidden, #1)

The Lessons
by Elizabeth Brown

My Rating: 5 Stars

Series: Forbidden - Book 1
Publication Date: July 20, 2015
Publisher: Elizabeth Brown
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 344 pages
Available from: Amazon
Things weren’t exactly going according to my Plan, so I did what most Americans do when confronted with a problem : I hired someone else to fix it.

Except ‘it’ was my virginity.

And that ‘someone else’ was a sex surrogate.

I should have known the answer wouldn’t be that simple.

Stand-alone book 1 in The Forbidden series.

The Lessons by Elizabeth Brown (Forbidden, #1)

The Lessons (Forbidden, #1)Natalie had plans for her life, and so far those plans have been beaten down, battered and so not coming to fruition. It’s time to take action on that one pesky failure that glares at her on a regular basis. What better and safer way to fix that little problem than by hiring a professional…sex surrogate? Yep, Natalie is still a virgin and she figured a professional could take care of business and she would know what she has been missing, check it off her list and move on, magically changed.

Ryan is a professional sex surrogate, not as awesome of a job as it may seem, and his next appointment was just another name, Natalie. What they both found was more than a professional relationship with Ryan as the teacher and Natalie as the eager, yet unsure student. Some rules should never be broken, some lines never crossed, but it just may be too late for these two as the student surpasses the teacher in a game of passion, seduction and forbidden love.

The Lessons by Elizabeth Brown is enough to send anyone back to school, studying hard and looking forward to the final exam! Natalie is a charmer, insecure, feeling left out of the sex loop, but never lacking for some earthy and hysterical dialogue at some of the most inopportune moments! Ryan is the dream lover, patient, caring and very experienced, even though this job was only a means to support both his schooling and his sister, but a good man has to do what a good man has to do, right?

Ms. Brown combines the whole sex-for money therapy with humor, charm and a little drama as she puts some sizzle between the sheets and in the hearts of her characters. Will doing the whole getting-to-know-you thing after the jump-into-bed-with-you thing backfire for these two or will they find their perfect match both in and out of the therapy room? A fun read with moments that will in turn have you overheating, chuckling and near tears, this one is so much more than lessons in sex, it is a lesson in life, love and knowing when to hold on tight!

I received this copy from Elizabeth Brown in exchange for my honest review.

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