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The Man Who Loved Too Much: Book 2: Entendre by John Rachel

The Man Who Loved Too Much:
Book 2: Entendre
by John Rachel

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Man Who Loved Too Much - Book 2
Publication Date: March 15, 2015
Publisher: Literary Vagabond Books
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Print Length: 338 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The Billy Green saga continues! Billy’s challenging, sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic, always unpredictable journey.

He was more determined than ever to find meaning in life and comfort in love.

Billy came to know one thing for sure.

Love is real.

He could now with the absolute cocksure confidence of pure enlightenment, scoff at the naysayers and spit in the face of the purveyors of romantic nihilism, the cynics who say that love is an illusion.

Billy knew the real score.
Love is the light that never dims.
Love is a wine that flows in our hearts.
Love is a wonder that has no beginning or end.
Love is a master key that opens the gates of perfection.
Love is the language our souls use to speak to one another.
Love is the trafficking of fantasies and transcending of mortality.
Love is an energy that can neither be created or destroyed.
Love is God Allah Yahweh Shiva Qat Aphrodite.
Love is touch smell feel taste listen pray.
Love is the poetry of the senses.
Love is metaphysical gravity.
Love is the gift of oneself.
Love is sweet tyranny.
All you need is love.

Descartes. You almost got it right.
Je aime, donc je suis.

Yes. That’s how it should go.
I love, therefore I am.

Valentines Day solipcism.

But does it ever turn out the way we planned? The way we hoped and dreamed?

 The Man Who Loved Too Much: Book 2: Entendre 
by John Rachel

The Man Who Loved Too Much: Book 2: Entendre (Book #2 of 3)Billy Green is back, and life for Billy is a concentrated kaleidoscope of his own head in the clouds attitude where everyone has a happy – ever – after and the reality of life with all of its nasty warts and scars. Yep, for Billy, reality is like a bulldozer coming at him, head on and he fails to really believe it won’t stop just before he is run over emotionally.

In his little slice of the universe, things are painful, shocking, heart-breaking and depressing, yet all around him life is going on, the world keeps turning, governments churn, music rages, people live their lives and in the scheme of things he is nothing more than a gnat in a cornfield. Only Billy can help Billy, but he is too busy feeling bad for Billy to save Billy from Billy. Is that statement confusing, chaotic? Yep, but it clearly states the predicament Billy finds himself wallowing in. Life has thrown Billy his fair share of rotten eggs, tarnishing his versions of marriage, work, and life in general, leaving him to self-implode upon hitting rock bottom. Will he ever find himself and pull himself out of the cesspit he has chosen to wallow in? Will he learn to move on and thumb his nose at adversity? How about making things about more than just Billy?

The Man Who Loved Too Much: Book 2: Entendre by John Rachel is like reading a work of highly stylized, contemporary art. We all see something different, our feelings and reactions are all from our own perspective. John Rachel writes with a chaotic pen, building a world that appears normal on the outside one minute, and then a tsunami of emotional baggage the next. His characters are completely likable one minute, then, poof, they act cold as ice. Billy, well, Billy is one hot mess, trying to do the right thing, trying to live the “HEA” without a mapped out route to do so.

I absolutely love the reading challenge John Rachel presents, as he whirls a few huge twists around, dumps historical facts for the time period, but never loses his focus on Billy, who, I must say he is torturing at this time! Maybe because he grew up in Detroit? Maybe because he is a world traveler how has witnessed many cultures? Or is it that he knows how to hook his readers and hold them hostage until the very last page! Take a step out of your usual genre and take a ride on the whirling dervish that is John Rachel’s world, you will be amazed!

I received this copy from John Rachel in exchange for my honest review.

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