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The Talented by Desy Smith

The Talented
by Desy Smith

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: January 29, 2015
Publisher: Floebe Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781507799291
Genre: YA Fantasy | Sci-fi
Print Length: 198 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
At age 17, Carmel founds herself in a mental institution thanks to an ice dagger, and a woman who apparently isn't human. After being rescued and arriving at the H.o.T, House of Talents. A house where no one is entirely human. She learns that she's Talented and has the ability to control Water and Ice.
At the H.o.T, Carmel learns to control her Talent, makes new friends, a few enemies, and begins to fall head over heels for a handsome guy. Who has a few secrets of his own. Carmel begins to realize that many people want her dead because of who she is. However she has no idea why. Can she figure it out or will she die. Look inside to find out.

The Talented by Desy Smith

The TalentedForced to endure life in a mental institution because of one freak accident and a visit from a mysterious woman, seventeen-year-old Carmel has been drugged, and left to rot, until the day the routine was changed and she knew, her time had come to die by lethal injection. Is she hallucinating or is there a hot guy standing above her helping her to escape? Who is he? Where are he and his group taking her? Has she gone from the frying pan into the fire?

Welcome to Carmel’s new world, a world where she belongs, a world where she discovers who and what she really is. Welcome to the H.O.T. House of Talents where everyone has a special ability or “talent” friends are made, heroes are born and everything that happens there must remain a secret from humans. And Love, yep, it’s all there, too as Carmel feels a magnetic pull to the leader of her team, Devon, as if she has known him from another place and time. Is this to be her personal Heaven, a place to belong or will danger rear its ugly head, putting her life in jeopardy? Guess evil is in for a reprise, because Carmel will fight like a wildcat for the happiness and answers to her life she has finally found!

The Talented by Desy Smith is a brand new addition to the paranormal genre with a kickass heroine with grit, guts and just a touch or two of insecurity as she is plunged into a new world where water and ice are hers to command in an unending battle of good versus evil where out witting an outlasting even superior opponents is the way to survive and keep the world safe. Clever plotting, twists, turns, and a collection unique characters come together in Desy Smith’s collage of intrigue, discovery and coming of age under high duress for her heroine. Not to worry, Ms. Smith has managed to keep the action high, and the angst low with strong, well defined characters, especially Carmel. Love that girl! And Devon, Mr. Tall, Dark, Brooding and Cold? Watch as his melts under the powerhouse that is Carmel, one kiss at a time.

Great reading in a world in need of something a little different, a little new and a lot of awesome!

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