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Twixt by Diane J. Reed

by Diane J. Reed

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Enchanted Outlaws - Book 1
Publication Date: December 14, 2011
Publisher: Bandits Ranch Books
ISBN-13: 2940013865549
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Print Length: 402 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Everyone in Ophir Creek, Idaho knows the wild legend of Corvine O'Dannan, a mysterious Irish woman with "fairy powers" who came to town during the gold rush to find her fortune, only to be betrayed by her lover and meet a tragic end.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century, and her descendent Rose doesn t have time for such nonsense! After a crash-and-burn marriage, she's returned to her hometown to renovate her father's gold-panning business and to "start over." But everything changes on her 30th birthday when her friend talks her into doing a love spell. Unbeknownst to them, they conjure the spirit of the very same man who once tormented Rose's ancestor. Why? Because Rose "was" Corvine O'Dannan in a past life--and her really bad habit of attracting Mr. Wrong "still" haunts her, and now jeopardizes her very life.

What Rose doesn't realize is that along with this dark curse comes an "extraordinary blessing"--in the form of a soul guardian named Chance Murphy who's been protecting her for centuries. But this time around, the evil spirit that plagues Rose has "stolen" Chance's body. So the only way that Chance can reach her is late at night in her dreams, when he appears as a magical raven who escorts her to an enchanted island off the coast of Ireland. There, Chance becomes a man again, and he shows Rose how to heal her past through the fairies' special brand of "magic." But will Rose finally be able to forge a new future and make the man of her dreams become real? Only if she can once again believe...

Twixt by Diane J. Reed

TwixtWho says there are no more fairytale romances? Diane J. Reed will change your mind and your heart with Twixt and enchanting tale of mistakes, struggle and learning to believe in the magic of love and worlds that once were only bedtime stories for a small child. Re-learn how to dream, to visit the world of the fae and to embrace a timeless love, especially as an adult, when we live in a world that can be so cold, hard and black and white.

Diane J. Reed mixes her own magical gift of beautiful story-telling with the tale of a young woman alone in the world with only her daughter who life seems to try to beat down as she struggles to make a better life. Rose grew up hearing of the magic of the beautiful fairy world from her mother. Were they the ramblings of a woman not quite balanced or was there truth in her words that Rose failed to understand? Generous, kind-hearted and totally devoted to her young daughter who has suffered brain damage, Rose is determined that their luck will change, no matter how hard she must work. As her dreams are filled with visions of a dark and handsome stranger and a world where colors come alive and her daughter is whole again, Rose fights to believe in what she is seeing, a world caught Twixt the earthly realm and the fairy realm, and the words that tell her only she can set things right. But how?

Rose has been blinded by love before and it almost cost her her daughter, now there are two men vying for her attention, one is evil, the other is the one she needs, but how will she know? The answer is deep in her heart and her past...

A tale of love, magic and healing for a young woman and her family unfolds like a rose in the morning dew as Diane J. Reed guides us gently through each enthralling page and proves we are never too old to believe in fantasy and love.

I received this copy from Diane J. Reed in exchange for my honest review.


  1. A beautiful review (and well deserved) for one of my favorite books!!!

    1. Thank you Lori! Diane is fortunate to have you in her corner! :)

    2. Thank you SO MUCH for your lovely review! I'm honored you enjoyed this story & hope the magic will stay with you always <3