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Where Freedom Rings: A Tale of the Underground Railroad by Steven Donahue

Where Freedom Rings
A Tale of the Underground Railroad
by Steven Donahue

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: January 27, 2015
Publisher: Steven Donahue
Genre: Historical Fiction
Print Length: 170 pages
Available from: Amazon
The thrilling story of four slaves who try to escape to the northern area of the United States along the Underground Railroad in 1853.

Kelsa Colver leads her husband and two young sons on the dangerous trek after a fellow slave is murdered by a vindictive slave owner. Along the way, the Colvers are assisted by various abolitionists, including a neighboring farmer, a progressive priest, a sympathetic lawman, and notable figures Harriet Tubman and William Still. However, their efforts are impeded by a dark family secret, and the interventions of a corrupt clergyman, vicious outlaws and greedy slave hunters.

 Where Freedom Rings: A Tale of the Underground Railroad 
by Steven Donahue

Where Freedom Rings: A Tale of the Underground RailroadThe Underground Railroad, we have all read about it in the dry textbooks of school, but it was unemotional, impersonal and we were robbed of the horrors and injustices that led to its creation by a brave group of people who never let color stop them from risking their lives to do the right thing.

Where Freedom Rings: A Tale of the Underground Railroad by Steven Donahue brings to life the story of one slave woman and her family as they attempt to escape to freedom in the North during one of this country’s darkest hours. Kelsa Colver, her husband and two children embark on a journey of hope, danger and trust, never knowing who will aid them or who will deceive them. Through hardship, personal strength and determination, they seek the American Dream, freedom, in a country their families did not ask to come to, one that has treated them as property to be “trained or punished” in whatever method works, including death.

Their tale is harrowing, their story is not unique, but rarely are we given such detail, from each scene, to the each character’s emotions and beliefs. The author has brought this era to life with respect for those who actually lived through this bleak time. Prejudice, greed and cruelty abounds, but are not graphic or overplayed. The spirit of the characters the spirit of the Underground Railroad and its meaning is what is focused on. Follow Kelsa as she steers her family toward freedom and hopes for a better life for her children and descendants. Will they be the lucky ones to escape or is their nightmare just beginning?

Written with care, captivating the reader’s heart and mind, being witness to this great journey that never should have been needed is a monumental feeling. If you know a school-aged young person, do them a favor; have them read Steven Donahue’s Where Freedom Rings: A Tale of the Underground Railroad and let them feel what these people felt, experience what they experienced. Textbooks can never equal the value of this powerful read.

I received this copy from Steven Donahue in exchange for my honest review.

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