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Wild, Wild Wives by N. C. Simmons (The Chronicles of Staffordshire, #2)

Wild, Wild Wives
by N.C. Simmons

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Chronicles of Staffordshire - Book 2
Publication Date: December 9, 2013 First Edition
Publisher: N. C. Simmons
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotica
Print Length: 345 pages
Available from: Amazon
The Paulson Princesses finally have their man! Lena, Lenore, and Rory are now a happy little ménage à trois, making love here, there, and everywhere as the urge strikes. The threesome has forged a blissfully depraved little family and nothing will ever tear the three lovers apart or strain their eternal bond.

Except, perhaps, for the "M" words. Mistress, Marriage, and Mommy.

It seems Rory doesn't know that his future wife has a cracked brain and Lena can't tell him about Lenore's little problem without betraying her sister's trust. The Guardian Girl has a few more top-secret dirty jobs to do before she can release Lenore to Sonia's protective care and the sexual tar pit of Staffordshire's dungeon.

Plus, Lena knows she can't be a third wheel in Rory and Lenore's bed forever. Once they marry, the Master and Mistress will want to start a family. It is only a matter of time before Lena must find her own way in life and love. The Wild Child needs a Prince of her own to sweep her off her feet. She needs a big, cuddly, soft-spoken Prince with a gift for the perfect cup of coffee and a HUGE crush on, "The most beautiful tennis player in the world."

And as the estate prepares for the birth of the next generation of Paulson Sisters, a mysterious young woman will visit The Master and his Mistress and teach them the real meaning of the word, "Oneness."

Wild, Wild Wives by N. C. Simmons

Wild, Wild Wives (The Chronicles of Staffordshire, #2)Lock the doors, unwrap the plain brown paper wrapper, start the fan, and settle in for a romp through sexy humor, hot passion and snarky attitudes as the Chronicles of Staffordshire series continues to raise eyebrows and blood pressures, while fogging glasses.

Lena and Lenore are back and even the polar caps are in a shivering meltdown. N.C. Simmons brings the two bombshells of love and lust back in Wild, Wild Wives. Wives? Is it possible the princesses of passion and expressive love have a surprise or two? Lenore, Rory and Lena have been the trio of temptation and play, but things are changing as the college friends have grown up and are now power players in the world of “see and be seen.” Always dressed to shock, our Lena’s mouth is the only thing racier than her outfits and she never fails to deliver! Lenore, the more reserved of the two, (wink) is still the model-beautiful woman that male dreams are made of. Rory, filthy rich, is always “The Master” until he finally takes his bride, what will this do to their naughty threesome? Is it time to change the dynamics of their relationship? What if they have children? Is marriage more than playing house in the mansion of passion?

What about Lena, is she the third wheel now, or will her past come back wrapped up in a shy and stammering former athlete who has loved her from afar for years? Could this numbers cruncher even handle the life she lives? Things are changing, relationships are changing and there could be some rough bumps ahead, but one thing for sure, once again, you must be willing to leave your blush at the door before entering their world.

N.C. Simmons has added enough story, romance and true emotion to make those “sensual moments” blend in perfectly as these characters bare all of themselves, inside and out, from lust to love to their own hang ups and needs. You know characters are created to perfection when the angst level is low and the fun level raises a few notches. N.C. Simmons writes for that secret part of us that may not want to act these fantasies, but surely want to feel the sense of freedom letting go brings. Besides the raging inferno of erotica, N.C. Simmons has added a sense of change that ripples throughout. These characters are maturing, their lifestyle may be “different,” but they are human. I mean, seriously, how often does “one of ‘those’ scenes” make you laugh? I may never look at a pool again without chuckling!

I received this copy from N.C. Simmons in exchange for my honest review.

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