Monday, August 10, 2015

Bad Uncle by Gillian Felix (Family Portrait, #5)

Bad Uncle
by Gillian Felix

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Family Portrait - Book 5
Publication Date: July 27, 2015
Publisher: Plain Talk Book Marketing LLC
ISBN-13: 9781515153092
Genre: NA | YA Drama
Print Length: 141 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Who needs enemies when you’ve got family.

The stars are aligned in Adriana’s favor, but secrets have a way of exposing themselves just when everything is perfect. As Adriana and Haze’s relationship heads south, Carys is ready to pounce. Will Adriana’s lies drive the man she loves into the arms of another?

Meanwhile Zax is finally with his dream girl, but why can’t he get his best friend’s girl out of his mind? When she turns to him for advice on how to be a better girlfriend, can he put his selfish desires aside, or will he follow his siblings and take what he wants despite the consequences?

When Kevin’s lifestyle puts innocent L’Wren in danger, his retaliation brings his ruthless uncle back to Los Angeles and into the lives of his family.

In Bad Uncle you’ll get to know the man who has the power to change the legacy of the Banovic family forever.

 Bad Uncle by Gillian Felix (Family Portrait, #5)

Bad Uncle (Family Portrait Book 5)Even the rich and famous have a dark sheep in the family and the Banovics are no different. Hard to imagine someone more devious or hiding more skeletons in their closet than the younger generation of this family. In Gillian Felix’s latest, Bad Uncle lies are about to be revealed, secrets exposed and hearts broken, not to mention the return of the bad uncle, a skilled doctor by training, a deadly monster by design, but will his heart be softened to the family he has stayed away from or will his re-appearance bring more hellfire raining down on the Banovics?

Adriana is in love, but Haze has been lied to and this could be their relationship’s doom. Will someone be waiting in the wings to snatch Haze up? Kevin has put L’Wren in danger, who will exact the punishment for his rebellion? Zax is confused, he has the girl of his dreams, but someone else has caught his eye, what to do? Should he be a friend or follow the family trait of taking what he wants, self-gratification for the moment, regardless of who gets hurt?

Too much drama, too few reality checks and a ton of angst fills the pages of Gillian Felix’s latest addition to her continuing soap opera focused around the family we love to hate, love and try to understand, all while wondering what it would be like to walk a mile in their glass slippers! Some characters are growing up, some are back sliding and some just don’t seem to get that phrase about honesty, all in the name of living life in the fast lane with few consequences, until now.

Gillian Felix writes with a determination to keep us riveted, repelled, drawn in and gasping with anticipation for the next book! Better than the television soaps, WE are the director, what we read is our vision of how it all plays out because the mind is a beautiful thing, able to make each of us see the story differently. Thanks to Gillian Felix’s gift for writing, the pages disappear and our mental cameras roll on as we once again follow the Banovics into their twisted world.

I received an ARC edition from Gillian Felix in exchange for my honest review.


  1. You brought tears to my eyes, thank you for a wonderful review.


    1. Thank YOU for another wonderful read! Dianne