Friday, August 21, 2015

Blood Tree - Part One by Scarlett Dawn (Blood Tree #1)

Blood Tree - Part One
by Scarlett Dawn

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Blood Tree - Book 1
Publication Date: August 14, 2015
Publisher: Scarlett Dawn
ISBN-13: 2940152322637
Genre: Fantasy | N/A
Print Length: 83 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Where there is dark, there is light.
The two halves make a whole…
Or do they constantly battle for dominance?

Blood Tree - Part OneKenna Julius is your average teenage girl. She has a bossy mom, a new boyfriend in school, and she never dreams of enchanted lands or fairytale castles.

She lives in the real world.

Or so she thought.

One fender bender sends Kenna traipsing through the woods and following her mom’s crazy directions. But when she falls into another realm where men play flutes under the full moon and magical powers crackle the air, her perception of fantasy becomes her reality. The hot guy she meets doesn’t help matters either when he claims she’s his.

Or does Kenna actually belong to another?
Someone much more…dark?

 Blood Tree - Part One by Scarlett Dawn (Blood Tree #1)

As if that transition between childhood and being a teen isn’t bad enough, what with a sometimes quirky, sometimes overpowering mother, finding a teen crush, Kenna’s life as she knows it, firmly planted in reality is about to turn upside down. Scarlett Dawn has a new NA fantasy, Blood Tree and to get there, just follow the roses to a new world, filled with light and dark fae. That is exactly what Kenna’s mother told her to do, crazy as it sounded, she did it and walked right into a world where the inhabitants are magical beings, even the one who claims Kenna is his…So now what?

Here we go into another intriguing fantasy series from Scarlett Dawn! The battle between dark and light, fact and fantasy, with one girl stuck in the middle. Do you like to feel you have been transported into another world? Do you want to believe in the unbelievable, to think that the magic of fairy tales can come true?? In Scarlett Dawn’s world, everything else fades away as each scene unfolds, the intrigue builds and the light and dark sides are neither all good or all bad.

Ms. Dawn can write, with style, imagination and non-stop action as she draws us in to meet great characters, see beautifully described scenes and for just a while, forget that we must return to reality soon! Her writing is as magical as the tales she tells, kind of like a hot fudge sundae without the calories!! Delicious, delightful and gone far too soon!

I received an ARC edition from Scarlett Dawn in exchange for my honest review.



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