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Confessions of a Failed Environmentalist by Jennifer Ellis

Confessions of a Failed Environmentalist
by Jennifer Ellis

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: June 8, 2015
Publisher: Moonbird Press
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Print Length: 370 pages
Available from: Amazon
Alana Matheson always tries to do the right thing for the environment, even when it means boycotting school meatball day, forgoing the use of makeup, or getting entangled in a bet with her non-chicken-loving ex-husband over which of them can be the most environmentally conscious.

So when a mining company proposes developing a mine right in the middle of the community watershed, well, of course Alana is going to be on the front lines opposing the development.

Except she isn’t. To her own shock and dismay, she finds herself taking a job… with the mining company. Worse, she finds herself drawn to her attractive and mysterious boss, Nate: a capitalist mining executive. The enemy.

Alana struggles to do right by the community, deal with her feelings for Nate, and maintain her own environmental morals. But as the conflict over the mine heats up, it gets increasingly difficult to be on the “wrong side,” and both Nate and Alana are cracking under the pressure.

Part satire, part serious, Confessions of a Failed Environmentalist is about the cast of characters who seem to pop up in all environmental disputes, and how all of us fail sometimes to do the right thing for the environment, in both big and small ways.

Confessions of a Failed Environmentalist by Jennifer Ellis

Confessions of a Failed EnvironmentalistEnvironmentalists, the soldiers for the preservation of Earth, its resources, and our children’s future. Dedicated groups trying to be eco-friendly, working to make changes in how the world, governments and individuals see and act toward anything that is destroying the waters, the air, even the ground below us. Noble, hardworking people trying to work together, sounds pretty fantastic, right? Welcome to Alana’s world, where she takes one step forward and sometimes two steps back in her fight to be self-sustaining and leaving the world a better place for the future, all while juggling the pitfalls of life, love and being a single mom.

Welcome to the humorous, frustrating, and endearing world of Confessions of a Failed Environmentalist by Jennifer Ellis. See Alana meet the resistance of others around her, watch her battle the Big Boys, take a few hits, and fall in love, all while trying to be an example of a steward of a green planet. Ms. Ellis will have you laughing; raise your blood pressure and taking a look at what YOU do to preserve life on this planet for the future, all while telling a great story with a message for all of us! No dry statistics here, quirky characters, jerks and people with their own agenda, caught up in the same pitfalls as any organization with poor Alana being everything from a scapegoat to a lone crusader! Trust me, you WILL take a look at that plastic bottle you are throwing away, that pile of newspapers waiting to hit the curb and all those cans and bottles clinking around in the bin. Go ahead, grab the phone book, look up the closest recycling place, it won’t take long to get there, put that empty box of sugar coated cereal to good use. Remember, babysteps are good, buying eco-friendly products are good, and just maybe you’ll be ready next year for your own organic garden and being called a Tree Hugger will make you proud!

I received this copy from Jennifer Ellis in exchange for my honest review.

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