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HEX: Saxton Academy Series by Mackenzie McGuire

HEX: Saxton Academy Series
by Mackenzie McGuire

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Saxton Academy - Book 1
Publication Date: June 20, 2015
Publisher: Candy Havens
ISBN-13: 2940151422307
Genre: YA Paranormal
Print Length: 207 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
I’m Reece. A month ago I died along with my two best friends in a car crash. Obviously, my death didn't last long. Since then, I hear voices and the nightmares – don’t even get me started. I just wanted to be normal. That meant leaving my lux L.A. life for the gothic, and icy, Saxton Academy in the mountains of Vermont. Away from the tabloids, I had a plan to get my life together. But that just isn't possible. Thanks to hotties Eli McKinnon and Carden McDowell I discovered my life is a lie. They want to help me reach my potential. I just want to be a regular girl. But darkness is coming, and if I want to stay alive, I may not have a choice.

 HEX: Saxton Academy Series by Mackenzie McGuire

HEX: Saxton Academy SeriesMeet Reece, a California girl who died in a car crash along with her two best friends, but Reece’s time on Earth is not over, she awakens to hearing voices in her head and having horrendous nightmares she cannot avoid. Is she crazy or is something else going on? Who is talking in her head? Advised to attend an academy for other “with special conditions, she is uprooted and sent off to Vermont, yep, no more Cali Sun, welcome to the frigid world of snow, ice and Saxton Academy and a reality check more terrifying than her dreams.

Instantly befriended by two majorly attractive, mysterious boys, Eli and Carden, Reece will enter the world of magic, danger and voices from “the Other Side” with messages she must decipher. She will learn what her true destiny is and of the darkness that threatens her. Will Reece finally live the life she was supposed to live? Will she discover new friends and allies, as well as deadly enemies from the dark side? Will she solve the mysteries of her dreams before her life is again forfeited? Will she discover romance as real as the life she now knows?

Pack away your beach gear, grab your mittens, and enter the world created by Mackenzie McGuire, filled with YA mystery, intrigue, fantasy , danger and young love as Reece comes of age and learns to believe in things she cannot see, as well as the powers within her. Ms. McGuire shares rich details, well-drawn characters and her version of YA fantasy, not totally dark, not angst-filled, but a journey of discovery and survival as each page unfolds another layer of her own brand of magic.

I was hooked from page on, didn’t see some of those twists and found Reece to be a character I would love to know! This is a wonderful escape into the world of reading, age appropriate for YA and completely engaging for all readers, young and old!

I received this copy from Mackenzie McGuire in exchange for my honest review.

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