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Lori J. Fitzgerald's Songs Within Stone Blitz & Giveaway

"He carved and sobbed and bled.
He breathed stardust from the singing stone."
Songs Within Stone
by Lori J. Fitzgerald

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Wood & Stone - Book 2
Publication Date: June 28, 2015
Publisher: White Raven Writing
Genre: Mythology | Fantasy
Print Length: 48 pages
Available from: Amazon
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"He carved and sobbed and bled. He breathed stardust from the singing stone."

The stones sing to William, filling his blood with music, compelling him to bring forth the magic in their timeless depths. But an appalling betrayal leaves the apprentice mason with terrible scars on his hands and a heart as hard as the stone creatures he carves. Banished from the cathedral guild, he is sent away in disgrace to work under another Master Mason, in service to the lord of a faraway town.

But things are not quite what they seem to be, here in the town at the forest's edge...not the manor's statuary nor the ancient apple tree. And certainly not the Lord and Lady of Tylwyth Manor. What secrets do these hunters hold behind their strange eyes?

Within the stone walls of manor and town, Will's heart must be healed for him to understand and control his developing power. And when a dire threat emerges from the forest to wreak havoc on the town, can Will use that power to save all that loves from destruction?

Songs Within Stone is Part Two of Wood & Stone, a series of connecting tales of folkloric transformation, startling self-discovery, and love as timeless as a sarsen stone, told in medieval and modern settings.  
Songs Within Stone: The Master Mason by Lori J. Fitzgerald

Songs Within Stone (Wood & Stone Part Two)There is beauty and magic in the hands of an artisan, no matter what they create. William, a mason’s apprentice hears the beauty of the songs that stones sing to his heart as he brings raw stone to life with his carving. One brutal incident leaves William’s kind heart hardened and bitter, and in search of another Master Mason to train under. Was this punishment or did fate guide him to the place where he could make peace with his demons while finding his true calling and a place to call home?

Once again, Lori J. Fitzgerald had me entranced by her almost poetic style of writing! Songs Within Stone is a quick read that captures the feel of long ago times, the magic of friendships and believing in oneself to do the right thing. Ms. Fitzgerald has woven another tale filled with characters from mythology, some beasts and some fae and created a tapestry rich with character, color and atmosphere as one apprentice finally finds his very soul singing to him as clearly as the stones he brings to life. Feel the magic of fantasy, watch each scene play out and escape into a world meant to be found by all of us who believe in the magic of the written words within books. With a gentle pace, moments of awe and even sadness and joy, Lori J. Fitzgerald’s world is spellbinding to behold with her rich words and obvious love for her characters and her work.

Love Lies Bleeding
by Lori J. Fitzgerald

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Wood & Stone - Book 1
Publication Date: May 1, 2015
Publisher: White Raven Writing LLC
Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales
Print Length: 34 pages
Available from: Amazon

 The forest is waiting...
Aislin's life wasn't always a wasteland of brittle grass and empty survival on her family's medieval farm. As a child, Aislin's wild heart was nourished with dreams of forest adventure, tales of a terrible creature within its depths, and a special game played with a willow tree. Now, years later, Aislin is sent to the forest's edge on her father’s errand and discovers an old message, carved into the willow…
Aislin, find the door in the oak.
These words set her on an enchanted path towards an ancient grove and its powerful Forest Lord, whose love and gift of a bloodstone necklace unleash the wildness in her own heart, sending her underground to the earth's wellspring of magic. But soon her father makes a desperate deal with their landlord to keep the farm. It will take both the Forest Lord and a Unicorn's dangerous magic to change her fate...but what price must Aislin pay to keep her lover and her wild heart?

Love Lies Bleeding: the Lady of the Forest is Part One of Wood & Stone, a series of connecting tales filled with folkloric transformation, startling self-discovery, and love as deep and timeless as an ancient tree, set in the medieval and modern worlds. 

Love Lies Bleeding by Lori J. Fitzgerald

Love Lies Bleeding (Wood & Stone Part One)Never underestimate the power of well-chosen words! Love Lies Bleeding by Lori J.Fitzgerald brings the tale of a free-spirited girl and the Spirit of the Forest into your heart as it pricks long ago memories of feeling the magic of fairytales dancing through your mind.

Young Aislin always felt the call of the forest, beckoning her, surrounding her with warmth, but young girls grow up and reality seems to get in the way of fantasy and childhood musings. When her life takes a horrendous turn and becomes a living nightmare, only the magic of the forest can bring her eternal joy and love.

Centered on the very soul of myths and legends, the Celtic world, magical beings, life, tragedy and the final ultimate enchantment of happiness is full to overflowing with the magic of Lori J. Fitzgerald’s words.

Lori J. Fitzgerald writes fantasy stories with Celtic/medieval settings and sometimes a touch of romance. She lives in New York with her fellow English Major husband and their two little bookworms. Medieval literature is her passion, and she wishes she could spend more time traipsing around Renaissance Faires and shouting “Huzzah” at jousts. She was a middle school English teacher for many years and was best known for her dramatic readings of The Princess Bride. Lori is currently a Staff Writer for the website Once Upon A Fan, the popular fansite for ABC’s hit show Once Upon A Time
Imagination is a realm that enchants and enriches our souls. I wish to inspire readers to connect with the creative magic in themselves through fantasy literature.

The name "White Raven" comes from my favorite character in Celtic Mythology. In The Mabinogion, Branwen is the daughter of Llyr and sister to Bran. Her name means white or fair (wen) raven (bran).

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  1. My fave gemstone is ruby. I love red, especially when paired with black. And a question, how long does it usually take you to finish a novel?

    1. Ruby is a regal gemstone! It's good for dreams and spiritual wisdom as well as physical energy.
      Great question, thanks for asking! These two novelettes took around a year each, including revisions, because at the time I was writing only one or two hours after my kids went to bed. Now that they are both in school full-time, I devote several hours each day to writing, so the stories are coming faster. Thanks for entering the giveaway! Good luck!

  2. My favorite gemstone is amethyst ! The deeper and richer the color, the better! Will there be another book in the Wood & Stone Collection?

    1. Gorgeous amethyst is one of my favorites too! It is a fabulous stone for emotional balance, meditation and spiritual connection, and overall protection.
      And YES, there will be another story in the Wood & Stone collection...and it will be a FULL-LENGTH NOVEL! I'm so excited!!! Branch and Grail will be an urban mythic fantasy, and it is a work in progress right now. So stay tuned!

  3. I adore Ceylon Sapphires which are a very pale blue but my most prized gemstone is a black sapphire

  4. Sapphires were my grandmother's birthstone as well, and I inherited a few pieces of her jewelry, which I love. Blue stones in general are excellent for communication, and sapphire helps with fulfillment of dreams and goals. Thanks for commenting, Hope and Patanne1, and good luck with the giveaway!

  5. Just dropping by to wish you every good fortune on this magical journey. Our characters may meet one day, in a story of our choosing.

    1. Thank you, Robin! They very well might...they have similar interests, don't they? I LOVE your new Myrddin's Heir video. It is gorgeous!!! And I see you quote my review; I am flattered!

  6. These books are so beautiful & your stories truly enchant! Hmm, my favorite gemstone is ruby, which you said is good for dreams (perfect, since I'm a certified dreamer!). Can't wait to read your full length novel Branch & Grail in this series!

    1. Thank you, Diane! I remember you wrote a lovely blog post some time ago about your turquoise jewelry as well.

  7. Love both stories in this series so far--can't wait to read the next!
    My favorite gemstone is probably the ruby, too. There's something so warm about its color. I also love turquoise, and recently I found a green stone, prehnite, that is really cool.

  8. Oh! Prehnite IS very's great for helping you find your spiritual path in life. :)


    1. It's my mom's birthstone as well, and it's a fabulous one! Thanks for entering the giveaway and good luck!

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  11. I love diamonds because they're so pretty and durable!