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Recollections of My Life by John Findley

Recollections of My Life
by John Findley

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: November 10, 2013
Publisher: Publishing
Genre: Memoirs
Page Count: 176
Available from: Amazon

As these stories have come to my memory, I realize how lucky I have been throughout my life and how fortunate I am to have the time to write them down. I have, in recording them, relived the time of my life that they cover and, in my thoughts mostly, kept company with old friends and relies. It follows my life from starting school to my retirement; how I adapted in my life, police encounters as a teenager, dating, marriage, traveling, becoming a father, divorce and then the blending of two households. I hope you will enjoy this book; my journey, my memories, my life.

 Recollections of My Life by John Findley

Recollections of My LifeWhat started as a way to leave a piece of history behind for his family and friends has become a published memoir for author John Findley. Recollections of My Life is a warm, an often humorous tale of the life and events of John and his family, from how he met his first wife to how he met his second and current wife. It would appear that John has a wild streak and his stories of his holding down several jobs to afford the dates, the cars and probably the fines involved are definitely chuckle-worthy! The love John feels for his family shines through in every word as his life unfolds for future generations to get to know him and the life he led in an era so different form contemporary times!

Have you ever thought of sharing family stories on paper for current and future generations? After reading John Findley’s well-written account, I can only say, DO IT! There is far more value in his words than all of Fort Knox. Here is a man with a story to tell, and family or not, it is a completely entertaining read!

I received this copy from John Findley in exchange for my honest review.

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