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Unexpected Gaines by S.L.Shelton (Scott Wolfe, #2)

Unexpected Gaines
by S.L. Shelton

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Scott Wolfe - Book 2
Publication Date: February 12, 2014
Publisher: S. L. Shelton
ISBN-13: 9781499602739
Genre: Suspense, Techno-thriller
Print Length: 347 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
This is the second volume in S.L. Shelton's unfolding story of corporate corruption in the world's governments and the adventures of a young Scott Wolfe, who is unknowingly swept into a secret war of massive proportions.

Scott Wolfe has been struggling to recover from the injuries he sustained in Europe only two months earlier—physical and emotional injuries that threaten his relationships, his peace and his sanity.

Back home and trying to ease into a routine again, his old life seems too small to contain him any longer. So when CIA Agent John Temple, asks for Scott's help hunting down a missing and possibly rogue ex-Agent, Scott jumps at the chance, despite Barb's misgivings.

Veiled in the background, sinister forces conspire to not only find the missing ex-Agent first, but to viciously block access to him and the information he is carrying, before their powerful organization is revealed.

Hamstrung by Agency policy and Scott's physical limitations, he and John have to find, contain and possibly kill ex CIA Agent, Mark Gaines.

 Unexpected Gaines by S.L.Shelton (Scott Wolfe, #2)

There is no rest for Scott Wolfe, who is still shell-shocked and injured from his last brush with danger while trying to fit back into his old life while building a new, bigger one. This computer geek has tasted adventure, come through the gauntlet of danger and just may be finding himself to be a danger junkie, so when the CIA comes knocking, asking for his help to sniff out and possibly destroy a rogue CIA agent, Scott is onboard. Will they be alone in their quest to find this agent or are others with darker intentions also on the hunt? This agent has information, the kind that could destroy a powerful organization and everyone wants it. Finding Mark Gaines is like looking for a needle in a political haystack. As the chase heats up, so does the intrigue, the espionage and the danger, with Scott right in the middle of it. Is Gaines a rogue or is he being hampered from coming in?

S.L. Shelton pours on the action, the intrigue and takes off with an intensity that is whiplash taut in Unexpected Gaines. His style is bold and he spares nothing as he drives his pen to paper tale through a maze of deceit, power and corruption. His characters feel real, his character dialogue is priceless and his ability to create a tale that neither panders to his readers nor insults their ability to follow along at the pace he sets. Like the proverbial onion, S.L. Shelton peels back each layer only to expose more detail, more suspense and more action!

Looking for a thrill ride through the seedier side of corporate and governmental business? Want to know “the rest of the story” that feels like it just might be closer to fact than fiction? Need to feel the heat, the pressure and the action? Take a deep breath, clear your head and dive into Scott Wolfe’s world with S.L. Shelton as your guide!

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