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Blind Scorpion: Iran's Nuclear Sting, Books 1, 2 & 3 by Mike Wells & Farsheed Ferdowsi

Blind Scorpion
Iran's Nuclear Sting, Books 1, 2 & 3
by Mike Wells & Farsheed Ferdowsi
My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: June 2, 2015
Publisher: Free Downloads of Audio Books like Robert Ludlum
ISBN-13: 2940151334075
Genre: Espionage | Thriller | Suspense
Print Length: 357 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
 The BLIND SCORPION is a Top Secret computer program for simulating nuclear weapons explosions and the catastrophic havoc they wreak. The most advanced technology of its kind, the BLIND SCORPION requires such intense number crunching capability that it runs on a dedicated mind-numbing 1,400 teraflop IBM Blue Gene supercomputer burrowed underground at the National Energy Research Computing Center in Oakland, California.

Dr. Ross Shaheen, the developer of the software, is living the American dream. Between his internationally-recognized nuclear weapons research career at the prestigious Berkeley Lab and his picture-perfect family in the San Francisco suburbs, it's a good life that can only get better...until he is lured into lecturing before an elite group of scientists in the country of his birth: Iran.

The seven thousand mile trip takes Shaheen back to the land of the lion and the sun, yet it also delivers to Iran's very doorstep an important American citizen with Top Secret security clearance. It soon becomes clear what the Iranians are really after: the BLIND SCORPION. The coveted software is the key to advancing their clandestine nuclear weapons program without the rest of the world being able to prove its existence. Shaheen becomes entangled in a twisted web of espionage, corruption and survival, putting to the test not only his secret knowledge but also the very core of his allegiance to the land he now calls home.

If he lives, Ross Shaheen could walk away a hero.

The question is, for which country?

 Blind Scorpion: Iran's Nuclear Sting, Books 1, 2 & 3 
by Mike Wells & Farsheed Ferdowsi

Blind Scorpion: Iran's Nuclear Sting, Books 1, 2 & 3The race to have Nuclear weapons capabilities in every home, I mean country rages on, friend or foe, no one will be deterred by the power of the United States and their threats. When Iran is rumored to be building their own WMD, tangible proof cannot be found. In order to keep their weapon from detection, Iran needs the power of a Super Secret Computer program that can detect the power and destruction capabilities with intricate detailed precision, the operative phrase being “Super Secret.”

The Blind Scorpion is the brainchild of Dr. Ross Shaheen and the National Energy Research Computing Center in Oakland, California. It’s powers are vast, its accuracy undeniable, as to being top secret…well in the game of spy versus spy where corruption, espionage and the quest for the ultimate power rule, governments have their ways, and Iran is no exception. When Iran manages a coop by getting the renowned scientist, Dr. Shaheen into their country, his homeland, and play cat and mouse with him as they attempt to get the information needed to utilize Blind Scorpion, they will stoop to anything to manipulate this gentle family man to their wishes. Dr. Shaheen is caught between an oncoming train and an incoming missle. Saving his family will betray his country, the US, but only a father can know the fear of losing a child, besides, he thinks he has a way to foil their plans, even at the cost of his own life. When his plan falls through, will he be forced to access Blind Scorpion and give the Iranians what they want? Will he put a bullseye on the US that could wipe it off the face of the earth?

From the first page, the tension was winding up to a fevered pitch. One can only imagine how much is truth and how much is fiction as Mike Wells and Farsheed Ferdowsi combine their talent to bring a terrifying and gritty tale to life. This tangled web will make you question the sense of security we have come to assume is ours. The attention to detail, the dark atmosphere and the raw fear of Dr. Shaheen are palpable as is the raw fury and sense of victory conveyed by the Iranians in power.

The pace is rapidfire, the details terrifyingly realistic, due in part to the talent of Farsheed Ferdowsi, an Iranian American who already had the heart of this tale written. Between Mr. Ferdowsi and Mike Wells, the heart beats and the soul comes to life. Not a pretty follow-the numbers thriller, but a biting and raw tale, woven from sheer fibers of talent. If you've been looking for a thriller filled with both the deceit of nations and the pursuit of power that will test the mettle of any man, this is a must read!

I received this copy from Mike Wells in exchange for my honest review.


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