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Bone of My Bones by Debra Doggett

Bone of My Bones
by Debra Doggett

My rating: 4.5 stars

Publication Date: August 19, 2015
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc
ISBN: 150920282X
Genre: Paranormal | Witches
Print Length: 266 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Rose DeSalvo has had better days. Not many but a few. Especially since she left her cheating husband Eddie behind. But Eddie has turned up again to wreck havoc in her life. This time, though, he's buried among her prize roses. Rose knows she's got to find out who killed Eddie and get him back to the scene of the crime before she can be accused of his murder. That's the reason she suddenly finds herself with a dangerously hot necromancer, a zombie ex-husband and a wild assortment of people who seem to know far more about her than she does about them. If she could only get them to tell her what she needs to know before she runs out of time, she just might uncover not only Eddie's murderer but her own destiny.

Bone of My Bones by Debra Doggett

Bone of My BonesShe just wanted to be happy in her world of witchcraft. Sure, Rose wasn’t the most talented witch around, okay she wasn’t even close, but she is sincere in her efforts to always do “good.” Life hasn’t always been easy for her, but since divorcing the town man slut at least she is headed in the right direction. Until he popped up again, literally in her prized rose garden, a battered corpse, half buried. Isn’t is just like Eddie to mess with her, even in death.

As any good witch worth her salt, she narrowly escapes losing it altogether and calls on an older witch for help who knows just who they need. Enter necromancer, Matthias, who is drop dead gorgeous, no pun intended. His job is to raise Eddie, find out who killed him and return Eddie to the scene of the crime. Little did they know what havoc Eddie was hoping to raise for the dark, deadly and mysterious Vigel. In a race against death and the rotting Eddie zombie’s total putrification, our gentle Rose and the standoffish Matthias are in for a boatload of mystery, mayhem and malevolence. Could there be a spot of romance in the making, too?

Bone of My Bones by Debra Doggett is a slightly irreverent journey into one mediocre witch’s life! Enter Rose’s thoughts, her mind and hang on for the chaotic sandstorm within! Snark, self-deprecation and the battle of good vs evil, secrets from the past, massive revelations that might have come in handy to know are flying around in a whirlwind! Ms. Doggett writes to entertain, to give you a few chuckles while facing demons and to appreciate you are NOT Rose! I was entertained, I chuckled and I had light trip into the world of the paranormal that still let me sleep at night. For once, the zombie didn’t suck brains and actually seemed like there was hope for him, too bad, so sad, too late.

I received this copy from Debra Doggett in exchange for my honest review. 4.5 Stars

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