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Demon Dance by Brian Freyermuth (Sundancer, #1)

Demon Dance 
by Brian Freyermuth

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Sundancer - Book 1
Publication Date: November 17, 2013
Publisher: Middark Press
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Print Length: 345 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Being hunted by a demon sucks, no matter how tough you are. Nick St. James moved to Seattle, started a new career and created wards to hide from the supernatural world. It should have been enough, but after five years, his vampire sister-in-law found him. Now she's dead. Nick has to find out who keeps summoning the demon before it kills him and its next targets: a mother and her child.
But this will require some help from the very people he's been trying to hide from: his friends. A voodoo houngan, a vampire coroner, a Norse goddess, and a few more unlikely allies will join forces to track down who summoned the demon, and find out why.
Will he discover who wants them dead in time?

Nick St. James was born different. His extraordinary gifts let him to see and survive the magical underworld that lives beneath our reality. Despite all that power, he couldn't save the thing he loved most: his wife.
Determined to forget his old life and a world where angels and demons fight for our very souls, Nick's miserable existence is somewhat peaceful. When a demon slaughters his ex-partner and marks him for death, he needs to reopen old wounds and use all his gifts to find out who summoned the beast.
As he gets closer to the truth, Nick has the chance to find the one thing he lost ages ago. Himself.
Demon Dance is the first installment in the Sundancers, an urban fantasy series penned by video game designer Brian Freyermuth. If you liked his work on games like Tales from the Borderlands, Fallout, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, then you'll love this Dresden Files-style urban fantasy. With its fast pace, its gripping suspense, and its shadowy supernatural creatures, you'll be riveted from page one through the stunning conclusion.

Demon Dance by Brian Freyermuth (Sundancer, #1)

Demon Dance (A Sundancer Novel, #1)What lives beyond our sense of reality? Is it possible that the world of fantasy really exists? Friendly dragons, demons, angels, the fey, magic and intrigue all color the world for Nick St. James, former Private Investigator extraordinaire. His own special secrets? Speed, agility, and healing, all of the “supernatural” nature, but that life is behind him, or so he hopes…Nope, not a chance, when a close friend and vampire is killed, he is on it, seeking to avenge her death. Nick is then given a directive; find the fallen angel, Azazel by the Marshall’s Service, a collection of both heavenly and demonic beings. Looks like his days as a writer may be on hold as our snarky hero undertakes both the hunt for the fallen angel and the killer of his friend.

Demon Dance by Brian Freyermuth has attitude, intrigue, humor and a blend of the paranormal that adds up to an engaging read with a hero follow. Mr. Freyermuth doesn’t ease us into his tale, we parachute into the action from page one. He does leave us wondering how Nick St. James came to be the man we meet. Will his history be shared at a later date? Nick is colorful, energetic and the kind of hero who feels larger than life to us mere mortals. I enjoyed Brian Freyermuth’s style, his ability to create each scene and dialogue that has bite! I say, read it!

I received this copy from Brian Freyermuth in exchange for my honest review.

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