Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Do Or Die by E.R. Baine

Do Or Die
by E.R. Baine

My rating: 3 stars

Publication Date: March 12, 2013
Publisher: Chunksie Entertainment
Genre: PNR
Print Length: 197 pages
Available from: Amazon

 Nothing to lose, everything to gain. Multi-Billionaire Russian tycoon Viktor Mackmillian and his family are enjoying a peaceful vacation on the sunny Caribbean island of Trinidad. But when his wife Audrianna is kidnapped he becomes a man on a deadly mission. He has turned to the vicious werewolf pack he has long cut off all ties with for help…but for a price that Viktor is loath to accept.
A new, suspenseful fantasy series…
Mature Content, Language. 

 Do Or Die by E.R. Baine

Do Or Die (Surreal Blue Rogue Agent, #1)In the brutal games of power, one Russian tycoon’s wife is kidnapped and the battle to get her back, intact and alive begins. Do or Die by E. R. Baine is the first book in a new series that has been used to set the stage, introduce the characters and prepare the readers for what is to come, next. A proud and powerful man must turn to a werewolf pack for help, but the price he must pay could be far too steep, even for him.

Enter E.R. Baine’s world, feel the chaos and meet the players in this brief introduction to a new series designed to whet one’s appetite for what is to come. Players are sketched out, while leaving enough mystery surrounding them to bring us back for more in depth reading. Hopefully we will be able to learn of each character, and the role they will play in the next book.

I received this copy as part of a blog tour for E.R. Baine in exchange for my honest review.