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Eden Green by Fiona van Dahl

Eden Green
by Fiona van Dahl

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: July 31, 2015
Publisher: Fiona van Dahl
Genre: Sci-fi
Print Length: 242 pages
Available from: Amazon
In a single drop of contaminated blood, there writhe millions of needle-shaped cells. When introduced to a host, they spread — healing wounds, replenishing fluids, patching bone. The host becomes unstoppable; even complete destruction of its brain isn’t necessarily the end. All their cells are gradually replaced, enhanced.

Eden Green is the third human to see the needles in action, after her best friend Veronica accepts them without thinking. Patient Zero is Tedrin, a shady manipulator who offers the corruption as a path to immortality. Only Eden, a rationalist by nature, questions Tedrin’s motives; she can’t help imagining an eternity as a human weapon trapped in a body made of needles.

Armed with reason, humor, and a shotgun, she sets out to learn as much as she can about the parasite — and how to save her sanity, Veronica, and the world.

Eden Green by Fiona van Dahl

Eden GreenDo you faint at the sight of needles coming at you in the hands of the nurse who says,”You will feel a little poke,” ? Now, imagine one tiny drop of contaminated blood seething with millions of needle-like cells coming in contact with a person. They could get sick, or they could become the host to these “creatures” who can heal wounds and mend bones. Sounds okay so far, but, what if they overtook your body with these needles…yep, coming out of your skin, stitching and mending. Gross, painful, but the host becomes indestructible, an eternal human weapon and a little crazy. The catch, you must accept the needles and Eden Green is not so sure that she trusts “patient zero,” Tedrin enough to do so, even though her friend has.

Now it is up to Eden to stop this madness and save her friend. Can she do so without falling victim to these alien parasites? Who is Tedrin and what he is really trying to do? Is the world destined to become a human pin cushion for alien invaders?

Eden Green is far and away, one of the premier Halloween reads for the season. Fiona van Dahl has a twisted side that is filled with deviantly creative ideas. Ideas that will make you cringe and give you nightmares about needles coming out of your body while you feel every single one. Eden is a practical woman who obviously will go to bat for a friend against evil. By the way, Veronica, her friend, is one of those girls in the movies too stupid to live sometimes. Fiona Dahl will grab you by the throat in a literary chokehold from start to finish, this is sooo off the beaten path, so out there on the edge that even the mental pictures of what is happening won’t be enough to stop you from Just. One. More. Page.

Add this to your fright night reading, trust me, you’ll be on "pins and needles" until the end! Not recommended for do it yourself nips and tucks.

I received this copy from Fiona van Dahl in exchange for my honest review.

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