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Inevitable Ascension by V. K. McAllister

Inevitable Ascension
by V. K. McAllister

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: September 12, 2015
Publisher: KZA, LLC
Genre: Steampunk | Time Travel
Print Length: 242 pages
Available from: Amazon
The innocent never waver from doing what’s right, even if it means drowning the world in fire. Violina had been burned and betrayed by mankind ever since she had sprung into existence. They had named her a heretic and condemned her to a pit to live and die in agony. Though she sat stranded, starved and bloodied, she would not submit. This truth screamed out from the depths of her soul. Violina, the girl who had been mocked and hunted for rejecting the warped ideals of artificial authority, would lay down her own law. No longer would she merely strive to isolate herself from the world; she would escape the pit and purge it. And if she had to do it alone, so be it.

Inevitable Ascension — The fast-paced action/adventure novel packed with humor, wit and a host of twists—all wrapped up with a deeply intellectual and philosophical theme.

Inevitable Ascension by V. K. McAllister

Inevitable AscensionDoes power always corrupt? Is the road of good intentions really a deadend street? A second sun had appeared ages before, but why? Was it a sign from a higher power, a sign of the apocalypse that came? The Second sun is worshipped, but is it deserved? One girl and her best friend are non-believers, Violina is ostracized, bullied and targeted, leaving her to hide out, disillusioned with the world, its powerful government and the believers in the power of the second sun saving the world. Along with her best friend, Lux, these teens are determined to find the truth behind the apocalypse, knowing it could never be what the world believed, and her journey is one of twisted events, supernatural beings, time travel and death. When their journey is over, will they discover the truth behind the state of their world?

Traveling back in time Violina finds that deceit and human cruelty is alive and well in all times. Are her dreams of a perfect world just that, dreams that can never come true? Will she never find a world where she is accepted for herself, where all are created equal? Is it true that changing the time line is impossible and that dabbling in trying to direct events could make things worse, no matter the intent?

Inevitable Ascension by V.K. Mc Allister is NOT just another YA dark fantasy written in a post-apocalyptic and dystopian world. It is the tale of one teen who dreamed of acceptance and a world filled with joy. With veiled references to religious names, events as well as science fiction elements, there is a depth to this entertaining read that will have you thinking long after the last page.

Ms. McAllister knows how to create intrigue, and hide the final outcome while giving the reader a chance to question the actions of Violina and Lux. Will you agree? Understand? Who knows? Not to worry, you are not entering a dry read, get ready for rapid fire action, battle and the friendship and bond between two girls that is laced with humor, charm and wit! Completely likable, a little quirky and filled with heart, Violina and Lux are a team to root for. Are they slightly misguided or brilliant beyond the sheep-like followers that follow blindly.

Evil rears its head, magical elements give immortality, and sometimes the lines between heroes and anti-heroes becomes completely smudged.
If you read for entertainment, this is an excellent choice, want to play the read-between- the-lines game, here you go! Looking for something fresh from a strong voice in the literary world whose imagination is sharp and active? Pick up Inevitable Ascension by V.K. McAllister, you will NOT be sorry!

I received this copy from V.K. McAllister in exchange for my honest review.

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