Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It Happened One Night by Christine S. Feldman (Adventures in Blind Dating #1)

It Happened One Night
My Rating: 5 stars

Written by: Christine S. Feldman
Series: Adventures in Blind Dating
Sequence in series: 1
Print Length: 75 pages
Publication Date: September 29, 2015
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Who has time for dating these days? Certainly not struggling entrepreneur Paisley Jameson, who has way too much on her plate to pay any real attention to her shriveling social life. And not mechanic Joe Spencer either, who has a lot on his mind with both the family business and family in general. But neither can say no to the beloved mutual acquaintance who wants to set them both up on a blind date.

Which is too bad, because they both kind of wish they had said no when they show up for the dinner date and realize they've met before--and not under happy circumstances.

But fate seems determined to prove that they're not so wrong for each other after all, because in spite of the intentions of both Paisley and Joe to nip this whole unfortunate blind date thing in the bud and go their separate ways, events transpire to keep them together for an evening involving muggers, foot-chases, and even a high-speed trip to the ER--

And that's all before dessert.

Dating: it's not for wimps…

It Happened One Night (Adventures in Blind Dating Book One)It Happened One Night by Christine S. Feldman

Refreshingly fun and sweet, It Happened One Night is the start of a wonderful new series by Christine S. Feldman.

What happens when a meddling elderly neighbor and friends decides to play match maker…all kinds of mayhem…

This is a romantic comedy that shouldn’t be missed. Easy, quick and extremely entertaining, I found myself pulled into Feldman’s storytelling. It isn’t overly complicated, but sometime that is just what you need…an endearing novella that packs plenty of humor and romance.

I received this copy of It Happened One Night from Christine S. Feldman in exchange for a honest review.

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