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New Rome Rises: The Rightful Heir by Brian Bailie Jr.

New Rome Rises
The Rightful Heir
by Brian Bailie Jr.

My rating: 3 stars

Publication Date: July 22, 2015
Publisher: Wolf Paw Media
ISBN: 0983595224
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 578 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
 Owen Badon, the last member of the British royal family to survive the Roman invasion, has come home to Great Britain to free his people. He is aided by an elite unit of special forces that act as his knights, along with a unique American task force, and the mysterious spy, code named Ice Swan. During a meeting with a resistance group of Victorian-inspired punk rockers known as the Chords, King Owen encounters the noble and elegant Queen Caesaris who was placed on the throne by her father, who is Caesar. The two unlikely young monarchs form an alliance that grows into something deeper between them than either ever imagined. Set in and around London, The Rightful Heir is an epic tale of war, romance, espionage, subversion, and intrigue during a rebellion in the not too distant future.

New Rome Rises: The Rightful Heir by Brian Bailie Jr.

New Rome Rises: The Rightful HeirEnter author Brian Bailie’s world and you’ve entered two worlds superimposed on each other and they fit well! New Rome Rises: The Rightful Heir is a tale of a Roman invasion, the British Royal family’s almost total demise and the last remaining Royal who fights for his countrymen, his country and the pride of the crown. The twist? This didn’t happen centuries ago, it is happening now, but superimposed throughout is the feel of knights in shining armor, great battles and the use of extremely futuristic weapons in a land known for its historical presence in the world. With the aid of an elite and quirky American task force, who are reminiscent of cowboys from long ago, and a Punk Rock group of resistance fighters, the new King Owen must defeat the Romans or die trying.

Meanwhile, the daughter of the Roman leader, Caesar has been made Queen of the Brits. Queen Caesaris is a rebel in her own right, and wants to rule with a kind hand, against her father’s wishes. What will happen when the true King, Owen, arrives and faces of against Queen Caesaris? Will the tale of Romeo and Juliet repeat itself? Battle will be fought, heroes will die, but there is always room for love, isn’t that what makes life worth fighting for?

Brian Bailie has an imagination that runs full out through this great tale, filling each page with scenes described down to the finest detail and banter that will have you chuckling. Epic in size, this tale is almost 600 pages of top notch action, romance and grit as one determined King fights his way through the onslaught of foreign invaders. I found the attention to detail to be too intense, thus just a little bit distracting at times, but the promise of simply marvelous reading is there, after plucking a few extra petals from the branches.

Over the top heroes, witty banter and some dark humor keep things moving along nicely. Want the feel of Ye Olde England in the modern day world? Here you go!

I received this copy from Brian Bailie Jr. in exchange for my honest review.

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