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Peace Piper by Allie Burton Soul Warriors Book 3

Peace Piper
by Allie Burton

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Soul Warriors - Book 3
Publication Date: August 12, 2015
Publisher: Alice Fairbanks-Burton
ISBN-13: 2940150942219
Genre: Teen | YA Fantasy | Coming of Age
Print Length: 203 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
 Her mother imprisoned by a murderous Egyptian cult.
An ancient instrument with powers to ensnare her teenage soul forever.
A handsome warrior who trusts her with his life and who she must betray.

Piper Akins hates working with brainy Soul Warrior Math to find the ancient trumpet of peace. She was chosen for the search because Piper doesn’t slip into unconsciousness when the trumpet is played—a connection from an unknown, but powerful father.

Math was chosen for the quest because of his brilliance, but he wants to prove to his warrior brothers that he’s strong and more than just a brain. When Piper tricks him, he realizes he’s failed at both.

As they pursue their mission, Math helps Piper discover her hereditary magic and teaches her to use the powers. She finds her true self and is drawn to him as they create their own kind of magic. Until Piper is ordered to betray Math to save her dying mother.


Peace Pipe by Allie Burton

Peace PiperWhat would you do if you were a teen, and forced to choose between your mother’s life and doing the right thing? What if NOT doing the right thing could unleash a hellish evil on the Earth? Piper’s life has been one turmoil filled day after another, the life of a prisoner, a pawn in the mystery surrounding an ancient Egyptian trumpet said to possess magical powers and the daughter to an ailing mother who belongs to an age-old Egyptian cult.

The Ancient trumpet of peace is missing and the ancient Soul Warrior, Math is assigned to find it. Together Piper and Math will brave dangers to uncover and retrieve the trumpet, but are their goals really the same? Piper must have the trumpet to save her mother, Math must have it to save the world. Neither planned on the attraction they share or the betrayals that may come. Piper never planned on learning her life was one lie after another and that she had inherited her own powerful magic. Will her duplicity cost her a budding romance and still not be able to save her dying mother’s life?

Peace Piper by Allie Burton is a contemporary fantasy steeped in a distant past’s legends and curses. Ms. Burton’s characterization of the evil characters is sinister and slimy, while the Soul Warriors give off an aura of good, honor and duty. Poor Piper, a brilliant and clever young girl who is caught in the middle, alone to make decisions based on her limited knowledge and a loss of trust in those in authority.

Allie Burton has kept her tale age appropriate, filled with action, intrigue and richly detailed scenes and emotions. Piper’s inner turmoil feels like another character, it is so well described! Are you looking for a fantasy that ties the secrets of ancient lore with contemporary times? Want a hero who is capable of over-the-top deeds, but still has a sweetness that is captivating? It’s all here from start to finish, thanks to Allie Burton!

I received this copy from Allie Burton in exchange for my honest review.


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