Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Bejeweled Bottle by Lana Hart

The Bejeweled Bottle
by Lana Hart

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 1, 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance | Time Travel
 Another curse has come to Sanctum Harbor…

Nikki Brewer isn't looking for love. She rushes through life at breakneck pace, which is just how she likes it, and she has no plans to slow down for anyone. So when she goes home with a jewel-encrusted bottle from Mrs. Clathermont’s creepy antique store, she doesn’t expect to find a djinni inside it, nor does she expect he’ll be so… well…


But Sef is more than that. He’s a creature who defies Nikki’s love of all things rational and flies in the face of everything she thought she knew. And when an errant wish sends them both tumbling over a hundred years into the past, she and Sef must navigate a world of ancient magic, deadly mystery, and blossoming romance--all before the Titanic sinks.

The Bejeweled Bottle by Lana Hart

The Bejeweled BottleNikki is a rational, headstrong and independent woman; she also gets so busy that she forgets important dates, like her grandmother’s birthday. In a rush, she enters a curious shop in search of a unique musicbox, aided by the kindly Mrs. Clathermont, as eccentric as her items are eclectic. Eyeing a beautiful, yet frivolous bejeweled bottle, she feels a pull to it. It is that innocent looking bottle that will change her life forever in ways she could never have imagined.

Have you heard the tale of Alladin’s Lamp? Here is Lana Hart’s tale of another djinni bottle, another cursed djinni and one young woman with three wishes to make. Welcome to the world of The Bejeweled Bottle where magic is a wish away and wishes must be used wisely. Sef has been trapped within his prison with few chances out since long ago in the time of Egyptian gods, royal guards and beautiful women. Together Nikki and Sef will undertake a journey back to 1912, where Sef hopes to find the answer to his freedom, but where it takes them isn’t to a quaint town or great temple, they are about to take the maiden voyage of the Titanic where one false step could alter history. How will they blend in? How will they be accepted in a day when the color of one’s skin or their gender marks them as inferior? Only through clever deceits and crack investigative finds will the evil be unveiled, but will Sef and Nikki stop him before it is too late and the Titanic sinks?

Two unlikely allies, from worlds a millennia apart, with one common goal, get back to the future intact. Is it any wonder they feel the stirrings of love?

This is not a fairytale for bedtime stories; this is the magic of Lana Hart’s words on each page! She has created a feisty woman in Nikki, one who has stressed being independent, often bristling at the treatment she receives. Sef has seen time move on, spending years in his bottle, rarely released and watching the fools humans can be when given three free wishes. He, of course is handsome, has a mysterious air about him and has learned the art of diplomacy. Now, whether it rubs off on Nikki is another matter! With a clever and original plot, each page takes us back in time, either through a Djinni’s magic or his memories. Wonderful scenes, great dialogue, some “Nikki attitude” and an atmosphere of a time long ago! From start to finish, a magnetic read, filled with the fun of fantasy and the danger of intrigue!

I received an ARC edition from Lana Hart in exchange for my honest review.

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