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The Haze by Dean F. Wilson (The Memory Magus)

The Haze
by Dean F. Wilson

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Memory Magus
Publication Date: September 14, 2014
Publisher: Dioscuri Press
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Print Length: 14 pages
Available from: Amazon

 Ladesan the Magus can alter and remove memories, but not all his customers employ him for benevolent reasons.

Under the threat of exile, he is forced to help the would-be Lord of Calnibur make voters forget that they have been coerced into securing him a position of power.

The game is politics, and there are unlimited pawns in play. The board is the streets of Calnibur, and the pieces do not know that they are being moved—only that they are subjects of the Haze.

 The Haze by Dean F. Wilson (The Memory Magus)

The Haze (The Memory Magus)Even in a land filled with magic, corruption exists. Ladesan is forced to help a vile and evil man tip the vote in his favor by using magic on the villagers, then erasing both their resistance and memories.

The Haze by Dean F. Wilson is another brief journey into the lands of dark fantasy and magic he has created. Ladesan the Magus still knows fear, a very human emotion when threatened by a powerful and cruel power monger. With few words, Mr. Wilson has set a stage, chosen his plot and brought his characters to life in a time before his Children of the Telm Series. A good author can convey another reality in few words, a great author can take you there and back with no one knowing you were gone!

I received this copy from Dean F. Wilson in exchange for my honest review.

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