Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Threats by Margaret McGaffey Fisk (The Steamship Chronicles Book 2)

by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Steamship Chronicles - Book 2
Publication Date: December 15, 2014
Publisher: TTO Publishing
ISBN: 1631390090
Genre: YA Steampunk Fantasy
Print Length: 235 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Is Luck a Miracle or a Curse?
Luck alone has kept Sam undiscovered so far. She dreads the moment the crew learns their miracle and curse have a human face, but it’s Nat’s reaction she fears the most. When her Natural talents are revealed, all the ways she’s used her far-from-human abilities to keep the engine running may count for nothing.
Obsessed with the steamship's engine, Nat’s new position as the engineer’s apprentice is a dream come true even when a fierce storm tests the limits of his new skills. He basks in the praise of the engineer and crew once they're safe again, but their cheers soon turn to curses when Nat realizes the nearest island on the charts is nothing but a sandbar. With food and water running low, how is he going to keep Sam fed?

 Threats by Margaret McGaffey Fisk (The Steamship Chronicles Book 2)

Threats (The Steamship Chronicles Book 2)A young girl hiding out on a steamship, her abilities forcing her to listen to the screaming of machines wanting to either work right or be something else. Only Nat knew Sam had hidden out in the bowels of the engine room and only Nat kept her from starving. It was Sam who kept the engines running, but if she is discovered will that matter? Will the captain and the crew see her for the monster others believe her to be? Will Nat lose the trust and bonds he has made onboard? Will they have to walk the plank?

Can you imagine being a young child, different from others, alone in the world, stowed away on a ship bound for who knows where? Thanks to the magical gift of storytelling by Margaret McGaffey Fisk, we are allowed to live side by side with Nat and Sam, feel the rock and sway of the ship, smell the sea, the engines and fear for them both. This is adventure; this is the journey through the unknown that fuels the young imagination who knows no bounds. Threats has it all, fantasy, mystery and adventure in all of its glory.

Ms. Fisk gives us endearing characters who are trailblazers in their own right, salty characters, quirky characters and the magic of her words.

I am a huge proponent of showing a child the delight of books, and here is one positive way to hook them and reel them in !

I received this copy from Margaret McGaffey Fisk in exchange for my honest review.

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