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A Fox's Maid by Brandon Varnell (American Kitsune #3)

A Fox's Maid
by Brandon Varnell

My rating: 4 stars

Series: American Kitsune - Book 3
Publication Date: September 16, 2015
Publisher: Kitsune Incorporated
Genre: Fantasy | Humor
Print Length: 330 pages
Available from: Amazon
The tail of a boy, a kitsune… and a maid?

Kevin Swift doesn’t know what to think anymore. His love for Lindsay has dwindled, his mind is constantly plagued by thoughts of Lilian, and now he has to deal with his sexy housemate’s maid: a kimono-clad, katana-wielding femme fatale who doesn't like him very much—and who has this weird tendency of adding Japanese suffixes to everyone’s name for some reason. Go figure.

Now Kevin must make an irreversible choice: to become Lilian’s mate or not. It’s a life changing decision that no teenager should have to make. Unfortunately for him, Lilian’s maid has basically threatened to clean out his entrails with her katana if he doesn't.

He used to think being a teenager sucked. Now he’s realized that being a teenager is nothing compared to being the potential mate to a kitsune whose maid holds no moral compunctions about flaying him alive.

 A Fox's Maid by Brandon Varnell (American Kitsune #3)

A Fox's Maid (American Kitsune, #3)Looking for a serious romance between a teen boy and a beautiful Kitsune? Want to watch their love grow through thick and thin? Turn around and look elsewhere. BUT…if you are looking for some laugh-out-loud, roll your eyes kind of reading full of off color male teen banter, look no more! Of course, you’ve already read books one and two, so you know Brandon Varnell has fun with his writing and brings it all to the table with book three, A Fox’s Maid.

Lilian is still trying to get Kevin in bed; Kevin finds that his feelings for Lindsay are becoming less heartfelt as his Kitsune begins to grow on him in more ways than one. Is it her fresh innocence? Is it because she is acting the way one would in the wild? Of course, her body makes him come unglued, as she does with all of his friends, like teen hormones gone wild, they almost seem to be one-upping each other with their guy talk. But who is this even more well-endowed female with the katana? Another Kitsune has arrived and Lilian isn’t so sure she likes the effect this one has on Kevin. Animal magnetism is animal magnetism, right? No wonder there are so many tales about sexy maids.

Too bad she is only there to make sure Kevin makes an honest Kitsune out of Lilian, but Kevin isn’t ready for that trip down the altar, or whatever Kitsunes do, he’s a teen, life and the pursuit of happiness is ahead of him, right?

Pure light entertainment, few totally serious moments a troupe of characters that couldn’t be quirkier, Brandon Varnell has done it, again! Having a bad day, trust me, this will make you smile; need something completely out of your normal reading? Something filled with a youthful plot that only asks you to relax and let go of everything for a while? Pretty sure this is the free fall into fantasy you might want to look at!

I received this copy from Brandon Varnell in exchange for my honest review.


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  1. Don't judge me, but I had never heard of a kitsune before, so I looked it up. Very interesting.