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A Neophyte's Tale: An Abbey Thorne Short Story by C.K. Dawn (The Netherwalker Series)

A Neophyte's Tale
An Abbey Thorne Short Story
by C.K. Dawn

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Netherwalker - Book 0.5
Publication Date: April 27, 2015
Publisher: CK Dawn
Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 41 pages
Available from: Amazon
 Abigail Thorne hears voices. Well, one voice repeating one word over and over again. Soft and sweet with the promise of power, it calls to her. The twelve year old has no idea that the tender little word is a catalyst that serves to reveal a world hidden to most humans. Abbey has yet to discover that following the word's call to its origin will change the course of her life forever.

Abbey and her mother don't have much, and depending on the day, sometimes they don't even have a roof over their heads. She wants more out of life than just wondering where her next meal is. So she shouldn't be wasting her time daydreaming about going on a selfish quest, should she? Does she have the strength to leave behind what little she has? Will she have the courage to break through the illusions surrounding her and lift the cloak of shadows?

 A Neophyte's Tale: 
An Abbey Thorne Short Story by C.K. Dawn
(The Netherwalker Series)

A Neophyte's Tale, An Abbey Thorne Short Story (Netherwalker, #0.5)As the only child of a drug addicted mother, Abbey’s life was one big question mark. Would there be a roof over her head tomorrow? Would there be food? Would her mother come home or finally lose herself completely in a drug induced fog? It was no wonder Abbey heard a voice beckoning her to another life. Was it loneliness? Desperation? Could it be the call to something far greater than she could ever have realized?

Sometimes there is nothing better than for an author to share how one of her characters came to be where they are, to allow readers to live alongside a character and feel their feelings, watch their existence before becoming part of something greater. C.K. Dawn brings us the story of Abbey before she became part of the world of the Netherwalkers with A Neophyte’s Tale and she truly gives even more life to this Energizer Bunny of a character with the sharp wit and tongue. Read it before or after reading Cloak of Darkness, but do read it! Ms. Dawn is never short on creative brilliance or the ability to draw her readers in with the power of her words.

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