Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Billionaire Wolf by Karen Whiddon

Billionaire Wolf
My Rating: 3 Stars

Written by: Karen Whiddon
Series: Harlequin Nocturne
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Publication Date: November 1, 2015
ISBN-10: 0373009569
ISBN-13: 978-0373009565
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Has the Billionaire Shifter Met His Match?

Ryan Howard is a billionaire playboy and powerful shifter who, some say, is driven by carnal desire. Unable—or unwilling—to settle down, he stalks the nightclubs of Galveston in search of meaningless conquests. But after one unforgettable weekend aboard his yacht with the vibrantly sexy and irresistible Maria Miranda, Ryan finds himself in an unfamiliar position. For Maria is the one who just walks away. And Ryan is facing a barrage of feelings new to him.

As one of the last of a dying race of Drakkor dragons, Maria's sole duty is to get with child—even if it means surrendering her body to a sexy stranger, then moving on. She isn't ready for a man like Ryan. But when she's kidnapped by a merciless Drakkor, Maria must face her greatest fear to claim a future

Billionaire WolfBillionaire Wolf by Karen Whiddon

Billionaire Wolf isn’t your everyday shifter story. There be dragons here.

Shifter, Ryan Howard, is a successful and very public business man. Not wanting any attachments, he keeps his connections to one night stands. When he meets Maria in a night club. They have a connection he cannot get out of head.

Maria is looking for her true mate. To continue the Drakkor race, it is Maria’s duty to get with child. For her safety, she must stay out of the spotlight, especially the kind Ryan Howard comes with.

When Maria's encounter with Ryan becomes publicized, Maria want to stay as far away from Ryan as she can. With an unnatural pull, that happens to be harder than she anticipated.

Billionaire Wolf has steamy romantic encounters but the story felt static, with me feeling little to no character connections. I’m a huge dragon shifter fangirl, so I really wanted to love this story but in the end it was just a like it.

I received this ARC copy of Billionaire Wolf from Harlequin Nocturne in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication November 1, 2015.

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