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Chasing Payne by Chantel Seabrook

Chasing Payne
by Chantel Seabrook

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 19, 2015
Publisher: Creativia
Genre: Contemporary Paranormal Romance NA+
Print Length: 160 pages
Available from: Amazon
Lion shapeshifter, Agent Chase Payne, doesn't have time for distractions — especially the kind that involve his best friend's younger sister. He has a job to do: leading his team of Therian agents to fight against those who would expose their kind to the world.

Lora Oliver wants to be a Therian Agent, but shocking secrets from her past have damaged the bond between her human and animal natures, and threaten to destroy everything she's worked so hard for, along with the people she loves.

Assigned to Chase's team, Lora struggles to retain control and keep her secrets buried, while Chase denies what he feels for Lora. And then, one kiss changes everything.

Chasing Payne by Chantel Seabrook

Chasing PayneIn the shifter culture that strives to live under the radar of the human world, the Therian agents are the supernatural answer to human law enforcement. Lion shifter, Chase Payne is one of the best, pure alpha, and since she was a child, Lora Oliver has known he was her true mate. It didn’t matter that he was her older brother’s best friend, at least not to her; she was an adult now and knew who she wanted.

When Lora becomes a trainee under Chase to be a Therian agent, one bad decision l almost killed her and unburied a long held promise she made to herself. If Chase hadn’t acted so quickly, compromising his own life and freedom to save her, she wouldn’t be alive to know he would never want her and she had ruined his life. When a fascinating case hits too close to home, once again, Lora becomes a pawn in the world of shifters, power and dangerous liaisons. Love often reveals itself under dire circumstances. Is it possible that Chase, has found his match?

Chasing Payne Chantel Seabrook’s story is full of tension, a heroine who, while not equipped to be an agent, is no shrinking violet! The perfect embodiment of an alpha male, Chase is trapped between what his lion wants, discovering what he wants and loyalty to his best friend. When push came to shove, he did what any alpha would do! You have to love great writing, a twisted plot, great dialogue and one VERY alpha male! From start to finish, Chantel Seabrook has created heat, her own special world to visualize, romantic intrigue and danger, deadly danger. If you've never heard a lion's inner growl, you are going to hear it now!

I received this copy from Chantel Seabrook in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. The cover is gorgeous! I'll have to check this book out.