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Darkness Echoes: A Spooky YA Short Story Collection by L.A. Starkey, Kelly Hall, D.E.L. Connor, Chess Desalls, C.K. Dawn, D.B. Nielsen

Darkness Echoes
A Spooky YA Short Story Collection
by L.A. Starkey

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 6, 2015
Publisher: J.S. Marx Publishing
Genre: Horror Anthology - Ages 12-18
Print Length: 499 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Six spooky never before seen YA short stories just in time for Halloween!

Til Death Do Us Part by L.A. Starkey - Jennifer and Zach have been best friends since birth, but as their senior year approaches, things change drastically. With little time left to reveal her heart before college, Jen plans a night to remember at the old haunted Vandercamp Mansion for Zach's birthday. It's just to be the two of them, and no one was to know, but upon arrival, they realize that their presence was expected. Their connection is forged as realization of their past is granted. A love that stands outside of time and space will not rest - Til Death Do Us Part.

Witch Moth by Kelly Hall - Dominic Dane has endured his sister Dahlia's evil deeds for decades while the two serve out their hundred year punishment, but when she threatens to use his new-found crush as her Halloween sacrifice, he realizes she'll never change. Promising Kitty he will stop at nothing to save her and her friends, Dominic is forced to explain his curse, revealing it's not just Dahlia who must kill to survive.

The Coming of the Skin Walker by D.E.L. Connor - When warriors Walking Bear and Nine Fingers rescue amnesia-ridden Lina from the clutches of the immortal Skin Walker they must flee on a harrowing journey where ancient Native American secrets and mysticism unfold, innocence is lost, and the forever bonds of love and friendship are tested.

Lantern by Chess Desalls - Five days before Halloween, all sixteen-year-old Tori has on her mind is vacationing with her family and scoring lots of candy. Her grandmother's estate, with its Gothic spires and trails that lead out to the woods, holds an unexpected secret: a lantern that lights up for Tori and nobody else. Certain that it's a ghost or a prank, she investigates further and discovers a mysterious life that shines in the darkness.

Cloak of Echoes by CK Dawn - Just as Emma Kincaid came into some disturbing empathic powers, she lost her mother in a car crash. She is also pretty certain she's being followed, maybe even hunted. But, is it the shadowy creatures that haunt her nightmares or the mysterious guy, shrouded in darkness, who just enrolled at Jefferson High?

Hallowed Eve by DB Nielsen - Ten years after the sinister disappearance of her father, the turmoil begins again with the stealing of souls ... Seventeen-year-old Evee is forced to accept her birthright of dark secrets and death as she inherits the role of Soul Guardian; a role that brings her into the dangerous influence of a coven of witches and the enigmatic, alluring Hunter, Ben, to defeat the rise of dark magick.

These stories have never been published before and were written specifically for this anthology. Hope you enjoy this spooky adventure!!

 Darkness Echoes: A Spooky YA Short Story Collection
L.A. Starkey, Kelly Hall, D.E.L. Connor, Chess Desalls, C.K. Dawn, D.B. Nielsen

Darkness Echoes: A Spooky YA Short Story CollectionSix spooky tales, six talented authors who have conjured up some magical reading from their boiling cauldrons just in time for Halloween reading! A coven of writers out to give nightmares to anyone who opens this tome or brilliant minds who have given nightmare-free reading to younger teens just in time for trick or treating?

Darkness Echoes with a short tale each from L.A. Starkey, Chess Desalls, Kelly Hall, D.E.L. Connor, C.K. Dawn and D.B. Nielsen is fun seasonal reading with a dark edge without being gory, overly violent or overly terrifying. Perfect fun reading for the timid, the young and I’d even let my mom read it!

A young man trapped for decades inside a lantern, all because of magic. Can he be saved from his tiny prison by a teen with a vivid imagination and her understanding Grandmother? He makes her feel special, but is he evil in disguise, simply toying with the heart of a young girl?

Haunted mansions, best friends and a birthday surprise. Jennifer and Zach have a long history together, but part of their past has been veiled and only the truth can set them free to be together.
Native American secrets, amnesia, young love, loss and a desperate run for their lives from an ancient mystical being will test the bonds of friendship and trust when three begins to feel like a crowd.

Another haunted house, a school project and a trio of friends who unknowingly have trespassed into a world of two young witches cursed to endure one hundred years of punishment for the crime of loving a different race. For Dominic, this punishment has been his worst nightmare, but for his sister, Dahlia, their Halloween sacrifice has become a twisted means to an end that even he doesn’t know about. Will his attraction to Kitty force him to stand against his sister or will the strains of a secret rip these three teens apart before Dahlia can?

Evee’s loving father disappeared ten years ago and she never understood why. When a handsome young man who claims to be a “hunter” of evil comes into her life, her father’s secrets are revealed and Evee is expected to become the Guardian of an ancient tome that protects the world from dark magick. As she becomes a pawn for a coven of witches, Evee is forced to take the fast track in the learning curve, as people she thought she knew reveal their true identities and the part she must play to perfection or risk unleashing evil on the world. Is this really the time to sprout a major crush on a boy who seems to find her repulsive?

Isn’t being a teen hard enough? Don’t the gossip mills overflow with too much information, already? Emma has gained the ability to read people’s thoughts and, well, just think about the cacophony of thoughts that are screaming in her mind? She definitely knows what people think about her, that’s for sure, but when she starts seeing her mother’s death as if she were there when it happened, she fears she is losing her mind. Enter a hot young man who is like a calming blank slate, no thoughts screaming her, and when he touches her, the voices go away. So how does she ask him about this phenomenon without sounding like she has a screw loose? Is Emma destined for something more in her life, perhaps in another world?

Definitely a treat, a good read for around a campfire, after school, heck even for classroom reading! Each tale is well-written and will raise just enough goosebumps to thrill any reader. My only suggestion would be to watch for low branches and flying heads when racing for your life in the woods!

I received this copy from C.K. Dawn in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I'm always game for some spooky stories! Thanks for this review!

    1. Thanks, Ethan for reading it! You WILL like these short stories!

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    1. I know, they go with the season, don't they?

  4. I love short stories and collections. Especially spooky ones. Thanks for introducing me to these.

    1. These aren't too dark, but wow, do they make your mind wander!