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Daygo's Fury by John F. O'Sullivan (The Daygo Stream Book 1)

Daygo's Fury
by John F. O'Sullivan

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Daygo Stream - Book 1
Publication Date: September 14, 2015
Publisher: John F. O'Sullivan
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 300 pages
Available from: Amazon

It’s not easy to survive in the slums.

Liam is an orphan, living with eight others in a dilapidated flat. Every day is a battle in the war to survive. As conditions deteriorate, and casualties rise, Liam begins to lose faith. He looks at the bums on the side of the streets with hate. They’ve given up the fight. They are weak. But it frightens him, how he sometimes longs for their life. Panic grows within his chest. Racquel offers him hope, something good to live for, in a place where there seems nothing but dirt. But what form of survival is worth living for? And what is Liam willing to do to survive? What is he willing to become?

Niisa lives in the great forests of the Chewe mountains. He knows he is the odd one in the tribe. He knows he is different. Daygo calls to him, it speaks to him in the sounds of the forest, in the falling of the rain, in brief glimpses of sunlight through the canopy of trees overhead. It is the life that inhabits all things, that fuels all movement. He will do anything to join the Waloleng de Kgotia, the famous priests of the daygo stream. The tribespeople might consider his actions evil … but they don’t understand.

The world is on the brink of famine and war. New magic is set to be unleashed. The beasts in the north, considered only a surreal page in history, raise their heads and consider, once again, marching south.

Daygo flows, but which way will the current pull … 

 Daygo's Fury by John F. O'Sullivan 
(The Daygo Stream Book 1)

Daygo's FuryIn the rough and dangerous streets of the slums, a place where only the dregs of the earth go, orphans often must fend for themselves, huddled together for protection in buildings shuddering near collapse, forced to scavenge for food, often stealing from others. Liam is one such orphan and when he witnesses the death of his best friend and confidant doing the bidding of a gang threatening them harm, he sees the futility of existing in this world where people come who have given up. Only the attention and love of a beautiful young girl give him the courage to dream of getting out and making something of himself. Fate and the evil desperation that lives within the slums will test Liam’s resolve, his honor and his will to live, will he become a shadow of the man he had hoped to be? Will he rise from the ashes of this hell like a phoenix?

Daygo is a life force, a spirit that calls to the chosen, and Niisa hears the call. Part of a mountain tribe, he feels drawn to the priesthood, but he is an outcast and feared by his people, will he become part of the Daygo stream of consciousness or will he be destroyed out of fear?

Daygo’s Fury by John F. O’Sullivan is epic fantasy in the making with far reaching events that feel like two tales within one book. Liam’s story is brilliant, alive and full of characters that leap of the pages with either their goodness or their evil. Life through Liam’s eyes and heart comes to life through every sense, from sight to sound to smells. Niisa’s world is more abstract, less realistic and almost mystical. I am sure in the future, these stories will come together as one, and will make for vibrant reading, rich in details, until then there is a slight disconnect between the lives and stories of these two young men

Not a fast-paced read, the quality is in the details as each page becomes like a watercolor of words. This is one to savor and follow the characters that is where the story is, in the lives of these people. Where they will intersect or come together is yet to be determined! A huge undertaking in storytelling, Mr. O’Sullivan surely had his hands full bringing this one home!

I received this copy from John F. O’Sullivan in exchange for my honest review.

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