Friday, October 30, 2015

Dreamweavers by C.C. Ravanera

by C.C. Ravanera

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: January 28, 2015
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing
Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Print Length: 302 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Anima thrives in a parallel world where she harvests human dreams, but she has a secret. She longs for something more. She wants to be a part of it all and not just a visitor in another body.

Something within her is changing, something she can't longer is she comfortable in her own skin.

When she suddenly discovers a way to have it all she soon finds out that nothing is as it seems. Everything she's ever known is changing. One things for certain, she's in over her head.

Thrust into a reality where she's killing people, fighting for her very existence and meeting the angel of death. She soon finds out her entire existence has been a lie and she is the only one who can change it.

They call her the savior, but she's just Anima, how can she save everyone when she is unsure if she can save herself?

 Dreamweavers by C.C. Ravanera

DreamweaversIn another realm, beings exist who feed on the “lummus” of human dreams. Anima is a harvester, it’s her job to enter the body of dreaming human and collect their energy to bring back to the realm, but unlike her fellow dreamweavers, she feels different, like there is more to their lives than their hive –like existence. Anima wants more, and when she meets a human who can see her in his dreams, the world as she knows it becomes an entangled web that sends her reeling as her emotions come to life and she begins to truly feel what it is to be alive. When she becomes part of a “test group” for her people, she discovers she is different, changing, thinking on her own and uncertain of what is actually being harvested and the cost the humans she takes from. Anima wants to live, love and enjoy the life of a human, but is she ready for what that involves?

Dreamweavers by C.C. Ravanera is a magical journey into the world of dreams, where one harvester discovers she has powers like no one has seen, but will she be accepted or feared by her people? Is a long held prophecy that had become more myth than truth coming to fruition? Anima will come face to face with Death, himself and find he could become her best ally in the chaotic storm that is brewing both inside and all around her.

What an imagination C.C. Ravanera has as she takes one innocent heroine and tosses her headlong into a world with beings that begin to mean too much to her. Anima has spunk, an innocent curiosity and a desire to do the right thing. C.C. Ravanera brings all of her characters to life slowly, shading them carefully into three dimensional beings with distinct personalities while carefully leaving Anima’s people slightly bland and sheeplike. What a contrast to the brilliance Anima takes on! Wonderful storytelling, light reading that still delivers excitement on each page, Dreamweavers has carved out a place for itself on in the fantasy genre. I have to admit, I sing the title when I see it, go ahead, admit it, you are too, now…right?

I received this copy from C.C Ravanera in exchange for my honest review.