Thursday, October 22, 2015

Gol by J.W. Webb (Legends of Ansu, #1)

by J.W. Webb

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Legends of Ansu - Book 1
Publication Date: March 17, 2015
Publisher: J.W.Webb
Genre: Fantasy | Mythology & Folktales
Print Length: 504 pages
Available from: Amazon
An island beset by the Sea God's wrath. Once a mighty kingdom, now six provinces torn apart by treacherous barons. In one province, two young lovers strive to stay together when all else prises them apart.
Lissane and Erun must survive to guide their people through the coming storm. The odds are stacked against them. Erun, dreamer and fool, is chosen for a dark path, whilst Lissane is given away by her father the baron to wed the brutal son of a rival ruler. Meanwhile, at the far side of the world, a sorcerer has freed the fire demon, Ashmali, setting off a chain of events that could ultimately bring about Gol's long foretold ruin.
Caught between rising seas, civil war, and approaching fire, the continent's time is fast running out. Gol is book one in the forthcoming Legends of Ansu series. Within lies an epic tale of love, hatred, vengeance and destruction. In Gol, the high courage of a few individuals is all that stands against the will of fickle gods and the treachery of men.  

Gol by J.W. Webb (Legends of Ansu, #1)

GolDo you like epic fantasy sagas? The kind that slowly encase you in a new world, a different time and a place like you have never known? The Legends of Ansu, a new series will bring sorcery to life, place you in the midst of battle, put you at the mercy of treachery by man, uncaring gods and civil war. Gol by J.W. Webb tells of an island and its people, and the wrath of the Sea God. Political machinations tear two young lovers apart, as Lissane is to wed an enemy baron’s vile son and Erun is left without her to take a different path. Together they were meant for so much more, they could have been the driving force to save their people, but now, an evil sorcerer has unleashed a terrifying demon who will threaten everything that Gol has.

J.W. Webb leaves no stone unturned as he builds a world steeped in turmoil, deceit, greed and a thirst for vengeance. His characters are many, and each role is uniquely developed as events unfold from places at once. Fierce scenes will sear your brain, tender moments will soften your heart and epic descriptions will leave your mind in a state of awe.

Epic fantasies are just that, building and growing one word at a time until one is lost in the tale, the world and the events. Mr. Webb has created an epic fantasy to savor and enjoy. While at times the pace races by, it is the moments in between that enrich each page with his words. This is not one evening’s read, do not race through it, you WILL miss a vital item that you need. Let the story cloak you in another world. For anyone who enjoys the world of fantasy, the good fight, the tension and the powers of the gods and demons alike, I highly recommend Gol.

I received this copy from J.W. Webb in exchange for my honest review.

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