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Gypsy Hope by Jillian Neal (Gypsy Beach, #4)

Gypsy Hope
A Gypsy Beach Novel
by Jillian Neal

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Gypsy Beach - Book 4
Publication Date: September 22, 2015
Publisher: Realm Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 238 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

From the time a car accident took her parents lives when she was a child, Hope Hendrix has lived in perpetual fear of most everything. Tired of always chickening out, she decides to grab onto life and really live it. For Hope, that means finally telling her best friend, Brock Camden, that she’s been in love with him since high school.

Misplaced cowboy and the town’s famed football star, Brock Camden, has lived a life of lies for so long all he knows is regret. It was never the life he wanted, but the past can’t be undone. Now, Hope, the one girl he’s always longed for, admits she wants him, too. Can he escape the web of deceit thrust upon him when he arrived at the shores of Gypsy Beach and have a real life with Hope, or will all the lies and uncertainty ultimately be their undoing?

Gypsy Hope by Jillian Neal (Gypsy Beach, #4)

Gypsy Hope: A Gypsy Beach NovelJillian Neal has toned down the raw, carnal passion and melted real romance into the mix, in a softer, gentler read that may be one of my favorites from this author, yet! Best friends, desperate needs and being able to trust someone with some of your deepest secrets, that alone is hot, but grab the oven mitts, this is Jillian Neal we are talking about!

We take so much for granted in life, our parents love and protect us, when we go to school our teachers are there to teach us, both book learning and about sportsmanship. Too bad Brock never had any of that, he was a victim of abuse, by both his parents and his schools. His greatest shame is not being able to read and his best friend is an avid reader, in fact, Hope owns a struggling book store. They have both kept secrets from each other and finally Hope, who often speaks before she thinks tells Brock she wants to know about the kind of wild and passionate sex she reads about in her books. Who better to ask than her best friend, the one man she has wanted forever? How could Brock say no when he has wanted her for his own for years? Too bad his past makes him feel he isn’t good enough for her. How can two people be so afraid of love, lust and sharing themselves with another that they trust? The answer is in their pasts, but can they overcome the darkness to find light of love?

Follow the passion, the lies by omission and how two people struggle to feel worthy to have the other in their life as more than just a friend. In typical Jillian Neal style, there is a warm romance and sizzling heat between the sheets! Leave your blush at the door; these lessons in sensuality hold nothing back! Wonderful characters that help draw the reader in, dialogue, both mental and verbal that smacks of realism, what’s not to like?

Jillian Neal, thank you for your passionate writing that constantly threatens to melt my e-reader! Thank you twice for weaving a real problem shared by many into your story in such a compassionate manner. Illiteracy is real; millions are affected, no matter the cause. Your support of ProLiteracy is beyond commendable!

I received this copy from Jillian Neal in exchange for my honest review.

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