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Hunter by K.C. Blake (Order of the Spirit Realm, #2)

by K.C. Blake

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Order of the Spirit Realm - Book 2
Publication Date: October 26, 2013
Publisher: Kasi Blake
Genre: YA Paranormal | Fantasy
Print Length: 326 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
The story of Nick and Bay-Lee continues here in this sequel to Bait.

Hunter begins with Bay-Lee in Maine, living a normal life--sort of. It's impossible to completely banish the supernatural when your boyfriend is a ghost. Nick insists he isn't sticking around to haunt her. According to him, he wants to protect her. But that doesn't make sense. Why would he be concerned about her when it was her fault he'd died?

She's in History, taking a test, and Nick pops in with a warning. The Order (monsters living in the Spirit Realm) have put a hefty bounty on her head. Nick wants her to go home to her father in New Zealand where she will be safe, but she's determined to graduate from the school in Maine. Everything seems to be fine. Why should she run from something that 'might' happen?

Then a reaper tries to collect the bounty.

Bay-Lee will return to her father's school and begin her training anew, despite the fact Nick's brother doesn't want her there. An old enemy returns, and a familiar student threatens her relationship with Nick. It doesn't help that Nick thinks he should leave her for her own good. Surviving is her number one priority. Keeping the love of her life at her side is a close second. Together, they will battle reapers, their inner demons, and each other in this YA paranormal romance with bite.  

 Hunter by K.C. Blake  (Order of the Spirit Realm, #2)

Hunter (Order of the Spirit Realm, #2)They say love never dies and for Bay-Lee and Nick, it seems to be true. After Nick’s death, Bay-Lee left the hallowed halls of her father’s hunter school to pick up the pieces and live a normal life. By her side is Nick, yes, he is dead, yes, his is a ghost, yes they are still in love. No, Bay-Lee is not finished with the Van Helsing school, after all. Seems that Bay-Lee has a bounty on her head and the Order is out to get her!

Against her wishes, she returns to continue her training, welcomed by some, hated by others, she is still a target, but what she learns would turn anyone’s blood cold. Allies that may be enemies, enemies that may become allies, but the biggest shock in Bay-Lee’s world is Nick. What is he? Why hasn’t he moved on? Who can Bay-Lee trust? Her life seems to be one big lie after another. Once again, Bay-lee will buck the system and prove she has Van Helsing blood, but will it be worth the price she may pay?

Hunter (Order of the Spirit Realm #2) by Kasi Blake is another action-packed, non-stop ride into the world of ghosts, reapers, hunters and werewolves. Stuck in the middle is Bay-Lee, a feisty, determined young woman on a mission to live, keep her love and strive for some happiness. Will events let her? Oh, Nick, so wonderful, so caring, so dead, so hiding something from Bay-Lee.

Once again, Kasi Blake has taken fantasy and action to another level! Sweet romance, deadly enemies, and so many secrets, so many emotions, will you let Bay-Lee have a break for a while? Fabulous writing, fast-paced and so entangled in mystery, once again, I can say,” I didn’t see THAT coming!” Age appropriate YA fantasy, tons of action, ghosts, reapers and a blurred lien between good and evil.

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