Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ignited by Laurie Wetzel (Unclaimed, #2)

by Laurie Wetzel

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Unclaimed - Book 2
Publication Date: August 9, 2015
Publisher: Wise Ink Creative Publishing
Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy | Romance
Print Length: 356 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
After surviving an attack from a demon that killed her friend, Maddy Page thought the worst was over.

It's not.

Word is spreading through the supernatural world about Maddy, the mortal girl with rare gifts. Some want to use her powers; others want to destroy her. One wants to protect her--her boyfriend, an angel named MJ.

MJ knows that the demon that attacked Maddy was sent to collect her by someone very powerful. Someone he has tried and failed to stop before. MJ can't beat him, but he will do whatever it takes to keep Maddy safe, even if it means turning his back on his own kind.
Ignited by Laurie Wetzel (Unclaimed, #2)

Ignited (Unclaimed, #2)Sometimes wanting to protect someone, even out of love is crippling that person’s ability to protect themselves and that is exactly what MJ is doing with Maddy. Maddy is mortal, but she has “gifts” that she shouldn’t have and everyone in the supernatural world wants her, but not all them have her best interests at heart. She’s come through demon attacks, the loss of a friend and all she wants now is “normal.” For Maddy there can be no normal and only stepped up angelic protection stands between her and the demons on her tail. Are ALL of the demons out to use her? Are all of the angels out to protect her? What kind of world is she living in when the good guys seem bad and the bad guys seem good? Who and what is Maddy? The big question is still out there, waiting to be answered, but if she is killed or captured, will it really matter? Is MJ’s closeness more like a bad guy magnet than a safety shield? People are never who they truly seem and Maddy is finding that out in the most devastating ways.

Truths can hurt, but lies leave scars and right now Maddy is scarred and scared. It doesn’t help that Justin is creeping around again, but has he changed sides, too or just his demonic game plan to control Maddy?

I thought Unclaimed had me balancing on the edge of my seat, growing dizzy from all the twists and turns, but Laurie Wetzel’s second addition to the series, Ignited has upped the tension another notch! Once again, changing POVs, we see Maddy’s world from the hearts and minds of Maddy, MJ and even Justin and still, things are not looking great for Maddy.

Laurie Wetzel is a powerful writer, her imagination and patience in only dribbling out small portions of information is almost torturous, but, I love it! Every page is like stepping a little further in the world she has created, so tread carefully through the maze of this incredible tale! Ms. Wetzel has raised the bar for herself, once again!

Oh, every emotion Maddy has affects the weather; think about that the next time a huge storm blows in…that thunder? It may be more than angels bowling.

I received a review copy from Laurie Wetzel in exchange for my honest review.

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