Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ignited by Lily Cahill (Independence Falls Superhero Romance #3)

by Lily Cahill

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Independence Falls Superhero Romance - Book 3
Publication Date: September 29, 2015
Publisher: Nameless Shameless Women LLC
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Print Length: 394 pages
Available from: Amazon
Independence Falls, Colorado. 1954. It was the start of a perfect summer--until the fog rolled in and changed everything. Now these heroes will explore their newfound abilities ... and each other.

Dr. Henry Porter joined his grandfather's medical practice prepared to take over the family business. But ever since the fog sickened most of the town, his grandfather has been secretive and strange. When Henry finally gets a peek at his grandfather's research, he realizes why--the old man has been accumulating data that makes no sense. Something unusual is happening, but Henry is barred at every turn. His grandfather tells him to forget about it, but then a shy, beautiful girl comes to him, utterly terrified. Everything she touches goes up in flames, and Henry may be the only one who can help.

Ruth Baker has spent her whole life trailing after her father, a fundamentalist preacher who sees demons everywhere. Most of the townspeople think his visions of hellspawn are crazy, until people start developing talents far beyond human abilities. Now Preacher Baker is gaining a following preaching about damnation and hellfire. All the while, Ruth has a flame inside her she can’t control. She turns to the young, handsome doctor for help, only to find that being with him makes her feel even hotter.

After tragedy strikes, Ruth and Henry must find a way to contain a firestorm of panic ... but can they resist the flames of their desire?

Ignited by Lily Cahill 
(Independence Falls Superhero Romance #3)

Ignited (Independence Falls Superhero Romance Book 3)Ruth has always lived under the tyrannical influence of her preacher father. Always trying to please him, living in a world cut off from any healthy relationships, it is nothing for Ruth to become her father’s punching bag, whipping girl and object of his wrath. Is she that full of sin or is there something evil and twisted in her father’s thinking? His opinion of the victims of the fog is that they are spawns of Satan, but Ruth has a secret and she is terrified her father and the town will find out.

It’s always hard to be the new doctor in a small town, rigid in their ways. Dr. Henry Porter works side by side with his aging grandfather, but is never allowed on one project the older doctor is risking his health over. When searching through forbidden files, Henry has no idea what to make of what he sees, until one soft and timid young lady comes to him can entrusts him with her most terrifying secret.

Two souls, both with dysfunctional families that never show love, both hungry for closeness, Henry and Ruth find more than the flames from Ruth’s hands as their own sparks ignite and their worlds become one.

What of the other Independents, will they allow Ruth into their fold? She has always been an outsider, will they trust her and help her control her powers? With Henry by her side, anything is possible, and just maybe Ruth will find that life isn’t supposed to be one of pain and punishment.

Journey back to a time where life is quieter, where front porches were a place to meet and gossip spreads like wildfire. Ignited by Lily Cahill is truly a heartwarming tale under the guise of fantasy. No capes, no tights, no swinging from spiderwebs, just good old-fashioned atmosphere, proprieties, turmoil and timeless romance! Let the unbelievable feel possible; enjoy the dialogue, the superpowers and the love. Fun reading, not too dark, not too farfetched, especially that ending!

Lily Cahill you have done it again! Gentle romance, tender moments and superpowers! Who could know they would blend together so well? Now, if you could just open those tiny minds in Independence Falls, it would be great! And proving that father doesn’t always know best??? Priceless.

I received this copy from Lily Cahill in exchange for my honest review.


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