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Leighton's Summer by K.C. Finn (SYNSK Book 2)

Leighton's Summer
by K.C. Finn

My rating: 5 stars

Series: SYNSK - Book 2
Publication Date: April 14, 2014
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing
Genre: YA PNR
Print Length: 308 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

A teenage boy with something to prove gets caught up in a web of crime and deceit in England, 1945.

In the weeks leading up to his sixteenth birthday, gifted psychic Leighton Cavendish finds himself suddenly packed off to Blackpool, a glittering, teenage paradise filled with plenty of opportunities for amusement—and trouble. With only a preoccupied grandmother to keep an eye on him, Leighton’s desperation for adventure leads him out into a world of holidaymakers, candy, and carnival rides—the ideal place to spend six weeks away from home.

But Leighton’s psychic visions are encroaching on his fun, trying to warn him of the danger that lurks beyond the shimmering lights of the Golden Mile. Who are the mysterious thieves Leighton sees in his head, and what do they want with the children they seek? A girl called Faye holds the answer, but she has enough problems of her own.

Amid the climate of a tourist town recovering from the impact of the Second World War, two lost teenagers will discover a shocking truth about human greed. Together, they will try to fight against it. For Leighton and Faye, this will be a summer to remember—one filled with challenges that must be overcome.

A summer that turns a boy into a man.

Leighton's Summer by K.C. Finn  (SYNSK Book 2)

Leighton's Summer (SYNSK #2)Summer, a time of fun, friends and few responsibilities, or so Leighton thought. His parents have a mission to handle and Leighton will be spending the summer in small seaside town with his grandmother. What looks to be the worst summer of his life could prove to be a monumental turning point as he grows from boy to man in just a few weeks.

Even small towns have crime, and there have been an unusual amount of burglaries. When Leighton meets Faye, a teen with psychic powers similar to his and together they will find themselves p to their necks in thieves, kidnappers and one crazed mob leader who has found the way to pull of the perfect crimes.

There may be time to enjoy the beautiful seaside, but first get ready to see evil in action, cruelty at its worst and child abuse that needs to be stopped, as Leighton and Faye take it upon themselves to sort out the sinister plot and bring the bad guys down. Is Leighton willing to risk his own life as well as his gifts for the safety of others? Faye has become more than just friend, and together they will go straight into the lion’s den knowing they may not come out unscathed.
Once again, K.C. Finn carries us along on a journey of fantasy and adventure as one teen finds he will stop at nothing for justice and has no qualms asking for help from the most unlikely of sources. Leighton’s Summer is a fast-paced, brilliantly detailed plot full of mystery, suspense and danger geared to young adults who want some over-the-top action to participate in! With characters that run the gamut of the personality spectrum, Leighton’s Summer is part of a series that relies on great story telling and not blush-worthy scenes! Another fantastic tale by K.C. Finn!

I received this copy from K.C. Finn in exchange for my honest review.

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