Monday, October 19, 2015

Take The Storm by Rebecca Zanetti (Rising Storm #6)

Take The Storm
by Rebecca Zanetti

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Rising Storm - Book 6
Publication Date: October 29, 2015
Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
Genre: Romance | Drama
Print Length: 91 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Secrets, Sex and Scandals …

Welcome to Storm, Texas, where passion runs hot, desire runs deep, and secrets have the power to destroy… Get ready. The storm is coming.

Marisol Moreno has spent her youth taking care of her younger siblings. Now, with her sister, Ginny, in crisis, and her brother in the throes of his first real relationship, she doesn’t have time for anything else. Especially not the overtures of the incredibly compelling Patrick Murphy.

 Take The Storm by Rebecca Zanetti  (Rising Storm #6)

Take The Storm (Rising Storm #6)Marisol is haunted by feelings of inadequacy as a surrogate parent. While she is wallowing in self-recrimination, her budding relationship with Patrick may be on the line. Will he deliver an ultimatum? Luis’ hormones are raging, his better judgment has taken a vacation and one tiny foil packet may mark him for trouble from one big brother.
Playing footsie with Senator Rush is becoming a dangerous game that can’t be won. When his mommy gets involved, someone will have to pay with more than broken dreams and a broken heart. Is Ginny’s new relationship getting out of hand?

It seems the youth of Storm are following the examples set by their parents as the air is further tainted by the stench of lies and there is more cheating going on than during a math final.

Take the Storm by Rebecca Zanetti brings back the high voltage tension of pure soap opera bliss as she zips through town and uncovers what is going on behind closed doors in Storm. A bucket load of characters become entwined in the angst of the youth of storm and no one will come away unscathed.

Ms. Zanetti knows timing as she drives to the edge of the “tension” cliff and suddenly we are ensnared in just one more tale in a town full of dirty little secrets. Watch where you step and take an umbrella, because it will all hit the fan sooner or later!

I received an ARC edition from Rebecca Zanetti in exchange for my honest review.


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