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The Blue Dragon's War by Sean Newton and Alberto Bieri The Chronicles from Calibran Book #0

The Blue Dragon's War
by Sean Newton & Alberto Bieri

My rating: 4.5 stars

Series: Chronicles of Calibran - Book 0
Publication Date: October 5, 2015
Publisher: Exdea Ltd
ISBN-13: 9781517451493
Genre: Epic Fantasy | Dragons | Minotaurs
Print Length: 138 pages
My Rating 4.5 stars
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For thousands of years, the Dragons ruled the continent of Calibran. Wielding magic and an intelligence few could match, their whim was law, and the lesser beings were merely playthings and game pieces.

But not everyone was content to be ruled by the dragons.

The minotaurs of Kehlaktur are strong, fierce and independent. They boast that their city needs no walls to keep them safe, only the strong arms and brave hearts of their warriors. And up till now, they have been right.

They have something the Blue Dragon wants.

Glaurax the Deep comes to the minotaurs with an offer: accept his rule and he will transform them into a mighty army and make them masters of all, subject only to the dragon.

But, the minotaurs value their freedom too highly to be ruled by a dragon tyrant. Now, the dragon is coming to take by force what the minotaurs would not give willingly. With the aid of madmen and blood magic, swords and axes, the minotaurs will fight to stay free.

When you’re fighting a dragon, though, is all that enough?

 The Blue Dragon's War by Sean Newton and Alberto Bieri 
The Chronicles from Calibran Book #0

The Blue Dragon's War: an epic fantasy story (Chronicles of Calibran Book 0)When you think of epic fantasies, do you think of dragons, warriors, quests and battles? What about minotaurs? When you think of epic fantasies, does the word fresh come to mind? Welcome to the world created by Alberto Bieri and Sean Newton, where dragons have been the supreme and often brutal rulers for thousands of years and the independent minotaurs are given an offer they have decided to refuse.

If they will not submit to the mighty dragon tyrant, they will be taken by force. Can the minotaurs hold off the terrible onslaught of the dragons and their warriors? Magic and mayhem, youth and inexperience, as well as calculating scheming will make for a legendary battle that will be re-told for centuries. And I felt like I was there.

The Blue Dragon’s War the prelude to the Chronicles of Calibran is short, fierce and non-stop from start to finish! Se the battle of the titans come to life as the power and might of the dragons come up against the determination of the minotaurs. Blood will flow, heroes will fall and heroes will be born.

Whoa! I was hooked! If this is what we can expect from the writing team of Sean Newton and Alberto Bieri, with their in-depth details, clever character casting and wonderful story-telling abilities, this fantasy series will definitely be epic! Want to try a taste of epic fantasy? This quick read is a great place to start.

I received a review copy from Alberto Bieri in exchange for my honest review.

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