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The Calm Before the Storm by Elle Klass

The Calm before the Storm
Evan's Sins
by Elle Klass

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Ruthless Storm Trilogy - Book 2
Publication Date: November 13, 2015
Publisher: Elle Klass
Genre: Adult Suspense | Murder
Print Length: 240 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The prequel to Eye of the Storm Eilida's Tragedy.

Evan O’Conner isn’t a normal child. His father’s alcoholism and mother’s abuse drives him to concoct a plan to rid his life of them permanently. The night is fraught with a horrendous storm, thunder and lightning as the beast inside him is born. Even in her death his mother won’t leave. She haunts his subconscious as he attempts over and over to kill her.

Evan meets his match when Officer Burkhlader enters the picture. One of her closest friends and his family fall victim to violent deaths during the worst hurricane Billows Hollow has ever seen. With only a sketch she learns the identity of the perpetrator and digs into his life, pries into his past – hunting him. Will she stop him? Or will somebody else?

The Calm Before the Storm by Elle Klass

The Calm before the Storm Evan's SinsNo one knows what the last straw will be that permanently scars the human mind, breaking down the barriers of decency and creating a twisted monster. Evan O’Conner wasn’t raised in a loving home. He wasn’t protected by loving parents or a community who turned their backs on him. He was abused and tortured and used as a plaything. Now the world he sees is skewed and only the death of his family at his own hands can bring him temporary peace. The biggest monster will not die, she lives on in his mind, taunting and jeering and continuing the rape of his mind. He must kill her and her family, again and again. Even the threat of a deadly hurricane can only heighten his pleasure at watching his mother die again.

When a determined investigator working a case cannot let go of the similarities of Evan’s kills with others, the man who always seems one death ahead of the authorities may find he has met his match. One sketch and one man’s memory bring Officer Burkhalder one step closer to capturing Evan, but how many will die before he is captured or will he continue to slip under the radar of justice?

Not for the faint of heart, Elle Klass’The Calm Before the Storm is a dark and gritty tale of one man’s search for a revenge and closure he will never feel. Evan’s humanity is gone, he is manipulative, lethal and incapable of stopping the blood baths he creates. Burkhalder is pitbull fierce, determined and may be on the verge of losing all perspective when it comes to these cases. Brutal and raw, edgy and graphic, Elle Klass puts enough reality into her tale to have the masses double checking those locks at night. Grab some gloves, a magnifying glass and test your powers of deduction as the long arm of the law is stretched to the limit to catch this damaged man. Edge of your seat mystery, hair raising suspense and violent acts will scrape your soul raw, even if you are the toughest suspense lover.

I received an ARC edition from Elle Klass in exchange for my honest review.

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